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The Smart Home package – affordable technology for an easier life at $4990

Why Smart Homes? Why Now?

It has never been easier to manage and monitor your home and we want to offer you the easiest and best solutions from the day you move into your Granny Flat or Extension.

We will bring you the best in price and quality, but also install all of your Wi-fi and Smart Home needs, teach you how to use them and keep in touch to make sure everything works as it should.

Strong Wi-fi is a big challenge for Granny Flats, but we’ve got you covered. At Cubitt’s we have been building Granny Flats since Wi-fi began, so we know what works.

Did you know that the NBN is not delivered to Granny Flats as part of the Federal Government’s rollout? That means the cost of trenches and cables falls on you. But not with the Cubitt’s Smart Home offer – we guarantee strong and consistent Wi-fi to your Granny Flat (and your home, if you like!)

But it’s not just Wi-fi…say goodbye to countless remote controls. Our Smart Home Package solution means that everything in a home can be controlled through your smartphone, iPad or tablet. It’s simple and friendly, so anyone in the family can use it with ease. Even better, out on-site technicians teach you how to use your Smart Home.

The Smart Home Package includes six incredibly useful devices. We’ve carefully selected and tested these to deliver the most user-friendly, cost-effective and up-to-date technology you will need for security and ease.

Our Smart Home Package is a complete smart home solution. We are dedicated to quality and employ Sydney-based technicians, support and help centre staff to offer you an exceptional customer experience.

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Get Started With A Smarthomes Bundle 

Equipment, Installation, Education And Support Is Just $4990 And Includes;

  • 1 x Unifi Wireless Internet extender
  • 1 x Sensibo Air Conditioning controller
  • 1 x Google Home mini
  • 1 x Nest Protect Alarm system
  • 1 x RingVideo Door Bell
  • 4 x LIFX downlights
  • 2 x HS-100 tp-link smart plugs

The Smart Homes Bundle for just $4,990

Wireless Internet/UniFi

UniFi® is the revolutionary Wi-fi system to enable strong, problem free Wi-fi across a radius that includes a main house and Granny Flat with ease. This means no more worrying about WI-fi access with the NBN for additional dwellings.

Fast, efficient and with simple installation, the UniFi® Wi-fi system is the backbone for all your smarthomes devices.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is the one device that will act like HQ of the Granny Flat. It will be able to interact/communicate with almost all the smart devices within the residence. Our technicians will not stop at connecting only the devices supplied

Sensibo A/C Controller

Imagine this. You’re driving home on a cold night. You get out of the car and the icy wind whips around you, seeming to go right through you. You scramble to find your keys, hands shaking, and finally open the door. Once inside, it hits you.

Your home is the perfect temperature – warm and inviting.. At Cubitt's we're all about easy, clever living.

Lifx Lighting

LIFX downlights are the future of lighting, providing a modern, high-tech lighting solution for any residence.

Each LIFX light is equipped with 13 watts (at full brightness), 800 Lumens, and has dimming software to go from 1–100% dimming. These lights easily pair up with the Google Home Mini and can be voice controlled from inside your home

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Put down the tea towel. The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is the first home alarm you can hush from your phone.

And if that was not enough, it can also distinguish danger levels. It will tell you if something just needs to be checked (yes, you’ve burnt the toast again!), when there is a stronger danger present, and when to evacuate immediately due to high levels of poisonous gas, for example.

Ring Video Door Bell

Never miss a delIvery again!

Monitor your front entrance wherever you are with the confidence of the RIng Video Door Bell, enabling you to view a live feed from your activated device at any time.

HS100 tp-link smart plug

The HS100 tp-link SmartPlug is a great little device that gives you the freedom of turning devices on or off from absolutely anywhere. With a simple touch on your smartphone, heaters, irons, hair straighteners and other devices can now be easily checked and switched off.

FAQs example

I already have internet at home and my modem is working fine. Why do I need UniFi?

The typical range of even the best modems cover a one to two bedroom unit. That is what they are built for by manufacturers.

In apartments, even slightly bigger ones, they work fine. The difference in speed of reception is negligible and not bothersome to most people.

However, once you get into larger homes with brick walls, additional stories, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, backyards and the like, the range drastically reduces along with internet speed.

Your typical Granny Flat will not be within any reliable distance for maximum signal strength.

A UniFi antenna will, in this case, collect maximum signal from the internet source in the main house and boost it in the direction of the Granny Flat, delivering full internet speed to the Granny Flat. In some cases, you will find that the Granny Fat will end up with better signal than some parts of the main house. Indeed, we also offer an additional service to fix internet signal coverage in the main house as well.

Please note that if the internet signal quality from the provider is poor we cannot guarantee maximum signal coverage and strength. We may be able to achieve some improvement with the use of UniFi technology, however.

What is the range and signal of UniFi devices?

The range and signal is generally enough to easily reach a granny flat.

Will I be able to get fast internet in my granny flat?

Yes, provided the internet signal quality from your provider is strong and a UniFi antenna is used.

I want to have the internet in the granny flat separate from the main house. Can I still achieve this without having to pay for a separate internet connection?

Yes. We can create two distinct wireless networks running off the same source. These networks will not ‘see’ each other, allowing for complete privacy at half the cost.

How reliable is the UniFi device?

UniFi products are commercial grade devices that you will not be able to buy or install as an average consumer. These devices have been installed in businesses and firms nationwide for 14 years. Over the ten years that our technicians have been working with these devices, any reported problems have been easily resolved.

What if there is a problem with this complicated equipment? What do I do then?

All products come with a 12 month warranty and our help centre will handle the discussions with the manufacturer along with the supply and installation of replacement devices for you. Our onsite technicians and helpdesk staff are based in Sydney and employed directly by us. Help centre support is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

I am worried about the effect of wi-fi on my health. If UniFi devices are installed will I still be able to turn my wi-fi off?

Yes. The UniFi devices do not produce any electromagnetic waves without the source internet signal. You can continue to turn your internet off as you have been doing and that will eliminate the wireless signal as well.

Do these devices make any noise?

No, they do not make any noise.

What other technology are UniFi devices compatible with?

UniFi devices are compatible with all existing residential and commercial platforms and operational systems.

If I decide not to get a UniFi device, what are my other options?

You would likely have to arrange for a private contractor to liaise with NBN and dig a foot deep trench (depending on the position of your water, waste lines etc) from the street to the granny flat.