Feel Safe & Secure with Cubitt’s
Smart Security Technology Bundle


Leading Technology, Outstanding Value

From families distracted with young children right through to elderly relatives with hearing impairments or mobility issues, a Smart Technology Bundle brings a wide range of safety and security benefits for all residents.

Experience the comfort, connectivity and convenience delivered by Cubitt’s Smart Technology Bundle, which includes installation and software for;

  • The innovative new Uni-Fi Wi-Fi Aerial, the latest in Wi-Fi connectivity. Comes Free as part of our Granny Flats inclusion.
  • The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm, for optimum fire safety.
  • 2 x Ring Security Camera Floodlights, for peace of mind in home security.
  • The Ring Video Doorbell, for communication and instant updates on home visitors.

This package is available for just $2,500.

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Live Independently while Staying Connected, with the Latest Wi-Fi Technology

Stream your favourite TV series seamlessly and enjoy high quality video calls, with the latest Wi-Fi technology included when you build a Granny Flat with Cubitt’s. Our Granny Flat models come with a wide range of extras, such as the latest Uni-Fi Wi-Fi aerial installation and setup included as standard. This dual-purpose Wi-Fi aerial extends the NBN from your home into your granny flat, providing the strong connection you need for your Granny Flat, all while enhancing the Wi-Fi you already have in your house. Cubitt’s Smart Tech Wi-Fi technology can extend across a 2km radius, working in remote areas where you have Wi-Fi in your main house.

The Smart Security Package for Just $2500


Receive Instant Alerts with the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Fire safety would have to be one of the biggest concerns for anyone living in Australia. The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm provides the next level in fire safety, with a battery backup and an immediate reset functionality in the event of a false alarm, it sends instant alerts any time the fire alarm is activated to your smart phone or connected device, wherever you may be. Included in Cubitt’s Smart Home Bundle, this ultra-safe smoke alarm system is hard wired to your home or Granny Flat by our experienced electricians, who also activate the software on your mobile phone and guide you through how to use it.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Ring Security Camera Floodlights

Protect your home or Granny Flat with the world’s only combined motion-activated security camera, built-in floodlight, siren alarm and two-way audio system. The 270-degree field of view allows the homeowner to detect motion around corners and any blind spots, all of which is conveniently streamed and monitored by your mobile phone. Cubitt’s Smart Home Technology Bundle includes two of these security camera floodlights, installed at the front and rear of the building by our experienced electricians. Also included is the accompanying software, which is activated to your mobile phone or smart device by specialist IT technicians who will teach you how to use it.


Convenience and Peace Delivered, via the Ring Video Doorbell

Remove the inconvenience of being home for an important delivery through a video doorbell alert system, also included in Cubitt’s Smart Home Technology Bundle. This technology allows you to speak to whoever is at your front door via audio and camera, so you can leave instructions for deliveries. Plus, the video doorbell has a 30 second record function, allowing you to check who stopped by your door, even if you miss an alert to your phone. This device is installed by the Smart Home team at Cubitt’s, including activation from our technicians who then demonstrate how to use the app on your mobile phone.

Experience the modern comforts technology brings when you build a Granny Flat with Cubitt’s,
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