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The Cubitt’s 8 Step Process

We keep your path to build completion clear - with 8 simple steps!

Cubiits Home Extensions Granny Flats

At Cubitt’s, we build Granny Flats and Home Extensions for your lifestyle. That is why we have perfected our 8 Step Process, so you are never in doubt about where you are on your journey. And as always, we are right there with you!

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The key to Cubitt’s strength is our personal approach. Everyone has a different idea in mind when they start planning a Granny Flat or Home Extension.

It is so important that we connect with you and understand your specific needs. It is just as important that we understand your property – the site conditions and possibilities.

We will always provide a free site visit by a qualified consultant – not just an assessment from Google Maps!

With Cubitt’s, you will always receive assured and exact information.

Enjoy peace of mind

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When you’re planning to build, you want assurance. Assurance that your site is suitable, and that you are not going to be impacted mid-build by unforeseen costs.

At Cubitt’s we provide a thorough, free Feasibility Study for your property which gives you an assured Green Light that you can build

Feasibility is the heart of your assurance

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Now that you know you can build, and we understand what you personally want to build, we will prepare a Tender.

What everyone wants before they commit to a Granny Flat or Home Extension is Clarity. You will never sign any agreements with Cubitt’s until you have clarity on your price and your design

Your money matters, and it matters to us

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Now it is time to make it official! Cubitt’s prepare all the contractual details you will require for yourself and if needed, for your bank to ensure any financing is handled smoothly and efficiently.

At Cubitt’s we use industry benchmark contracts prepared and endorsed by the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders NSW and ACT

Do it once and do it right.

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Now it is time to change up the pace a little bit. Take the time to sit down with our consultants and designers to ensure that the finishes, colours and design elements are precisely as you want them to be

Infuse the project with your personality!

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Did you know that Cubitt’s has their own in-house council planning team?

Let us carry the load for you. Our council team will talk to the relevant governing bodies for you, be that council, building certifiers, bushfire consultants or any other specialist who may be required.

After 27 years, there are very few obstacles our council planning team haven’t tackled!

Let us take care of the details

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With the best hand-picked team in NSW and the ACT, it will be a pleasure to watch your build happen before your eyes.

At any time you can be in touch with your dedicated site supervisor.

Always feel comfortable to call.

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It’s time to enjoy your finished project! Whether it is more space for your family, or a top earning investment Granny Flat, a stress free Cubitt’s build ends with the enjoyment of what you’ve created!

Let us celebrate your achievement!

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Our handpicked team of design consultants can show you how your home’s potential can be fulfilled as soon as you wish.

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