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Looking for an effective solution for the wasted space in your yard in the form of a pool?

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Residential pools in NSW are being filled in at a record rate and you can see why when you crunch the numbers. Maintaining a pool can cost upwards of $3000 per year and when pools start to age those costs can skyrocket with additional rejuvenation or rebuilding costs.

A pool didn’t add up for Teri

Teri Etchells purchased her family home with a swimming pool 18 months ago and felt like she should be excited.

"There's this myth around pools adding value to the house," she says. "We thought that because other people were excited that maybe we should be excited – even though we didn't necessarily picture ourselves by the pool a lot."

After a year of time-consuming maintenance and considerable costs, she decided it wasn't adding up.

Swimming pools and investment don’t mix

If you are a property investor, a pool on your rental property is bad news for return on investment.

Director of the property investment education group Property Women, Rachel Barnes, has 73 rental properties in her portfolio and not one of them has a swimming pool.

"As an investor I want to make the most of what I invest in," she says. "If I've got ongoing maintenance costs, that's going to reduce my cash flow and I don't think the amount of money I would get for a rental property with a pool would give me a return on investment."


A positive investment

At Ian Cubitt’s we’ve built many granny flats over what was formerly a pool. Our clients are amazed at what they can do with the space that a pool takes up, and even more amazed at what this change can do for their family and their hip-pocket.

Our design consultants are trained and experienced in drawing up plans for former pool spaces. We take care of all your council approval needs, so you can just sit back and watch the process unfold.



Find out more about building over a pool [link to building over a pool page] or call or email us now to arrange an obligation-free assessment and site visit.




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