Granny Flat Built For Albion Park Owner With Energy Efficient Features

This fantastic 60m2 two bedroom Granny Flat has just been built by Cubitt's in Albion Park. With a number of features to ensure long term energy efficiency, we hope the new owners enjoy decking out their new home.


Popular 2 bed Granny Flat design

Our customer chose the 2 bedroom Telopea Granny Flat design, from the Cubitt's Classic Collection. This popular design has 60m2 of internal floor space, provides a full-sized kitchen, open plan living and dining, a bathroom and laundry combo, plus generously sized bedrooms. As is standard - each room has built-in wardrobes plus the design features an additional storage cupboard in the living area.

Personal touches throughout

Our clients favourite colour is pink! Can you tell? Right down to the front door and fascia, our customer was able to adapt their Granny Flat design to their personal tastes in the colour selection process. Check out that fantastic tile pattern to greet their guests and visitors every day - incredible!

Other favourite touches include the metro tile splashback in the kitchen, and of course the pink walls! Who says Granny Flats have to be neutral? Put your own stamp on it.

Energy efficient Granny Flat features

You have many things to consider when you build a new Granny Flat - and lets face it, the running bills for your home are something you will have to think about for the time you live there! This customer chose to forgo gas hob and hot water, swapping out for electric. This change means one less 'daily connection charge' and also means our Albion Park customer can benefit from the solar package they installed and the power of the sun that much of the Illawarra enjoys all year round.

Added to that, reverse cycle airconditioning is included as standard with Cubitt's Granny Flats- as are fans, meaning this customer will be able to choose how they heat and cool the room throughout the year. Power over energy bills is power to the people!


Hire experienced Granny Flat and Home Extension builders in Albion Park

Thinking of building a Granny Flat in Albion Park or the Illawarra? Cubitt's are one of the most established builders in the area.

We will have our local Design Consultant connect with you and understand your specific needs. We'll take the time to understand your property – the site conditions and possibilities.

At the site visit we will listen to what you want to build, your purpose for the Granny Flat, and the way you see the home being used. We will assess the site, and together with our knowledge of local council and environmental considerations, we will create or adapt a design that works for you.

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Free On-Site Assessment at Your Property

Interested in finding out how to make a positive investment from a Cubitt's Granny Flat or Home Extension? Get in touch for a no-obligation site inspection today.

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We require your name, email and phone number to get back to you - and the more you can tell us about your build project, the more effectively our local teams can help.


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