Secure, reliable Granny Flat internet
with Cubitt's Smart Homes


NBN won’t reach to your Granny Flat? We’ll fix it! And at a fraction of the NBN cost.

Did you know that with a UniFi Outdoor Aerial, your wifi, including NBN can be extended up to 500 metres radius?

That means that your home internet can transmit strong and constant into your granny flat. And it needed cost the earth. At only $1600 our wifi installation offer is far less than the current NBN offer of $2000 + trenching and concreting.


Cubitt's, simple, cost effective solution

As well as installation, you will have up to 2 hours at your own home with our Cubitt’s technician to ensure you are set up and ready to go!

Tenants in the Granny Flat? That’s no problem…separate billing can be arranged. Or for family in the Granny Flat, make your home internet go further with your UniFi Aerial!

Ready for fast, strong Internet In your Granny Flat?

Fully installed, including setup and support at just $1600.  Book Today for strong internet tomorrow by calling 1300 721 150

It needn't be as difficult
as it sounds

NBN rollouts to secondary dwellings such as Granny Flats cost a lot and that’s not factoring in trenches to ensure cables reach your Granny Flat.

Cubitt’s have the simple and tidy solution. Installation and set up of the Ubiquity Unifi Aerial to amplify your home wifi strongly to your Granny Flat is available TODAY.

Have your NBN reach your Granny Flat without call-out costs and trenches.

Experience the modern comforts technology brings when you build a Granny Flat with Cubitt’s,
all our award-winning customer service team on 1300 721 150.