Investing with Granny Flats

Step by Step Guide to Investing with Granny Flats


The 2023 Property Investors 'Guide to Granny Flats'


Get our step by step explaining everything you need know to make a positive investment in Granny Flats. Perfect if you've already got an investment property and looking to increase income potential, are looking to make an investment in your own backyard, or you are looking for the right property to invest in.

Property suitability: Work out exactly what you can build on your property, in your local council area.

Pricing and costs: Hidden costs and what to look out for so you can keep your budget on track. 

How they did it: Case studies from our clients who doubled down on investment income from one property

Interactive: Click through for more information and videos as you delve into each topic.

Statewide: Expert content for property owners in NSW and ACT

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