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Relax with Cubitt’s Peace of Mind Electrical Check

How safe is your property? Protect your family and your investment with an affordable, comprehensive Electrical Check.

Protect Your Family and Your Financial Future

Did you know 80 per cent of homes over 5 years old in Australia hold potentially dangerous electrical wiring? Wear-and-tear in electrical wiring is unfortunately quite common, and contributes to a staggering number of house fires throughout NSW every year.

Over 25 years of building Granny Flats and Home Extensions, we have actively sourced the best and most reliable partners in electrical safety, to provide top-quality electrical work for your home, Granny Flat or home extension.

For just $350 including GST, Cubitt’s Peace of Mind Electrical Report covers everything from checking your wiring, general outlets and safety switches along with electrical components such as cooking appliances, smoke detectors and switchboards. This comprehensive check ensures all electrical wiring is in good working order with no threat to your family or tenants, and it may save lives.

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A Peace of Mind Electrical Report rigorously checks:

  • General outlets

  • Safety switches

  • Cooking appliances

  • Smoke detectors

  • Switchboards

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Our Affordable, Comprehensive Electrical Checks include:

  • All accessible and visible electrical points checked (e.g. confirming outlets and switches are in safe working condition).
  • Confirmation that appliances appear in a safe working order (e.g. cook tops, ovens, upright stoves).
  • Our specialists check if there is safe access to your switchboard, and that the current state of your switchboard is adequate.
  • We check if your switchboard is fitted with RCD protection (safety switches).
  • Our team will check the cable condition of both the front and rear of the switchboard, as well as the Point of Attachment (ensuring your cable is in line with safety codes, and in adequate condition).
  • We check if there is sufficient visual earthing present in all circuits.
  • Our specialists will confirm if your switchboard panel is made of adequate material (i.e. made from plastic or timber, and NOT from asbestos).
  • We check that the condition of the main fuse is adequate.
  • Our team will determine if further investigation is needed, and then fully inform you of the overall situation.

The Peace of Mind Electrical Report identifies any safety hazards, along with any electrical defects. Not only does it assist with planning and budget estimates for maintenance and repairs, but it also allows homeowners to remedy any problems in an existing home before they worsen. For those looking to purchase a new home or investment property, a Peace of Mind Electrical Report could be leveraged to negotiate price.

Achieve peace of mind and help protect your family without delay. Call our team to book an inspection.