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Feeling Safe & Secure Has Never Been More Affordable

Exciting new advances in technology mean home connectivity, fire safety and home security in everyday life have reached new heights. Cubitt's Home Tech can provide peace of mind, and help protect your family and valuable items. As an investment, the in-demand and trending nature of this technology could also be an added valuable selling point to your property.

Cubitt’s are passionate about delivering top-quality projects for our customers. Over 25 years of building Granny Flats and Home Extensions, we have handpicked the best and most reliable tradesmen in the industry, and have actively sourced the latest in smart home technology from world-class suppliers.

Experience the modern comforts technology brings when you build a Granny Flat with Cubitt’s.


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Our clients love the ease of installation and costs of our new wifi offer

"I’m absolutely ecstatic about this!!  The guys came today and fitted the wifi extender and I have FABULOUS internet here now.

Once again, thanks for giving me the UniFi option.  You have no idea how this has improved my situation as I was on such limited Wi-Fi and facing a 6 month wait with the NBN."

-  Margurite (Peakhurst)


Slow Internet in Your Granny Flat? We’ll Solve It.

Save on your Wifi access to secondary dwellings with this great offer

Did you know that with a UniFi Outdoor Aerial, your wifi, including NBN can be extended up to a 500 metres radius?

That means that your home internet can transmit strong and constant into your granny flat. And all for only $1600 - far less than costs currently being charged by NBN.

And you don't need to be a Cubitt's Granny Flat client to access this excellent opportunity!


A New Level of Comfort, Connectivity & Convenience

The future of home connectivity, fire safety and home security is here. Learn more about what’s included in Cubitt’s Home Technology Bundle.

Experience the modern comforts technology brings when you build a Granny Flat with Cubitt’s, call our award-winning customer service team on 1300 721 150.