Front House Extensions | 61m2 | A Space for Guests

Today's lifestyles call for multiple living -and even work areas within the home. Creating a sanctuary for every occasion, whether casual, formal or work, requires unique spaces that cater precisely to their use. Even easier than knocking down and rebuilding your home - you can 'wish' to move from one space seamlessly into another and with a house extension - make it come true

This exceptional 61m2 house extension was born of the idea to add additional living space, a guest room, and a work from home area. It called for a delicate and personal balance of open plan and enclosed areas and the end result is a testament to just how far a ground floor house extension can be taken in creating brand new spaces that flow perfectly in the home.

*Artist Impression. May not reflect standard inclusions.

Wooden patio connected to a private building, with seating area and cozy lounge zone, open window with entrance to the house.

61m2 | A Space for Guests



Benefits include

Maxmised space with new indoor and outdoor living areas

Creates a private area set back from original house for guests

Additional bathroom for the home

Tables for Home Extensions

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