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Keeping You Informed from the Very Beginning

Cubitt's Granny Flats and Home Extensions is committed to providing a stress-free and transparent building experience for our customers, keeping you informed from the very beginning of your project journey. Whether you are building a Granny Flat or home extension for the financial benefits or to bring your family closer together, many of the questions raised are often similar. Browse our frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently asked question about granny-flats

I thought Granny Flats had to be a maximum of 60m2. Why does Cubitt’s have bigger models?

The 60m2 requirement applies only to the interior space of your Granny Flat. Additional areas such as decks, alfresco areas and garages are not included in this area requirement.

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Are you guys the most expensive Granny Flat builders?

No, we are not the most expensive, not by a long shot.

Cubitt’s have been building Granny Flats and home extensions in Australia for over 25 years. Our longevity and extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver projects from world-class suppliers at affordable, value for money prices. Our experienced sales and design consultants will keep your budget in mind when considering any options for you.

Cubitt’s experience and passion for what we do means our projects are delivered on time and within budget, with no hidden fees or post-contract changes.

Plus, included in our cost is our unbeatable customer service. Our experienced and friendly staff are always available, from our design team right through to office staff, your site supervisor and construction team. Our motto is one contact, zero confusion!

Will I need survey reports before building can start?

Survey reports (such as bushfire, flood etc) ensure your safety and your warranty, so they are worth doing and doing well.

The team at Cubitt’s are completely transparent with you from the start about any report(s) that you will need, and the costs involved. In this way, you are aware of everything up front. Our team helps our customers understand the reasons and can support the process to get moving on your build.

What exactly are the standard inclusions in your base models?

Our standard inclusions are:

  • Electric oven and electric or gas cooktop with range hood
  • High-performance insulation and termite treatment
  • White roller-blind window coverings
  • Colorbond fencing and gate
  • Sliding, mirrored wardrobe doors in all bedrooms
  • TV and phone outlets
  • Bathroom exhaust-fan
  • Plumbing and electrical connections
  • 5-star energy saving Hot Water System
  • Rainwater tank and recycled water system for toilet and washing machine.

+ much more!

View a detailed list of all inclusions here

What is a feasibility study?

A feasibility study is the first action the team at Cubitt’s will take to give you the complete assurance that your property is appropriate for building a Granny Flat. A feasibility study and all of your pre-contract work is conducted completely free of charge when you come on board with Cubitt’s (with the exception of fees applicable to councils for surveys and certificates).

We recommend that you be cautious of anyone asking you for a deposit or fees for a feasibility study.

Is the council approvals process a nightmare?

At Cubitt’s, our experienced council planning and drafting teams understand the complexities of building with councils throughout NSW and the ACT, and will take care of all the council dealings for you – it’s all included as part of our service.

Sometimes council approvals can take longer than anticipated, but we always keep you informed and supported every step of the way. Councils are increasingly becoming more aware of how crucial Granny Flats are to affordable living in NSW and the ACT, with some parts of Sydney seeing approvals doubling within the last two years alone. Some councils are approving applications in as little as ten days!

Does every builder offer a ‘complete’ or ‘turn-key’ service like Cubitt’s?

The short answer is no, this is not offered by every builder. Review your choices carefully and be really selective about who you choose to work with. We recommend that you sign up with a builder rather than a company who will draw up your plans and just leave it to an assortment of subcontractors to figure out the construction. All too often we come across people desperately looking for urgent help with unfinished jobs!

One of the advantages of building with Cubitt’s is that we are true builders ourselves – from our Founder Ian Cubitt himself right through to our construction team of over 100 experienced builders.

We give our customers the reassurance that when you indeed turn the key to your brand-new front door, your build will be complete, warranted, certified and completed with care and precision.

We recommend you take care to confirm what ‘Complete Service’ claims actually include when searching for a business to build your Granny Flat. Complete service should include designing, quoting, all council approvals, construction, fabrication and logistics plus after sales support and quality control.

Can you tell me over the phone whether you can build a Granny Flat on my block?

Technically yes, and some Granny Flat builders will take your money without even visiting your property and proposed building site. But is that something you feel comfortable with?

The Cubitt’s team of experts will come to your site completely free of charge, to review whether there are any reasons why a Granny Flat wouldn’t work. During our visit, we can provide you with recommendations about how one of our Granny Flat models could be best placed on your land, and whether you would like to look at a base model or a customised model.

It’s all part of the Cubitt’s Advantage. Our staff are perfectly skilled, constantly committed and proudly respectful.

In your inclusions you mention Home Owners Warranty Insurance. What is that?

In NSW, any building work over the amount of $20,000 requires Home Owners Warranty insurance. The insurance covers up to the amount of $340,000. The period of cover is six years after completion of work.

In the ACT, any building work over the amount of $12,000 requires Home Owners Warranty insurance. The insurance covers up to the amount of $85,000. The period of cover is six years after completion of work.

Is a Granny Flat really a good investment?

You may be excited to hear that the return on investment for a Granny Flat you build on the property you live in, or on an investment property, is likely to bring you a higher return faster than investing in any other residential real estate in NSW or the ACT.

Keen to know more? We’ll let the figures speak for themselves:

Tanya - Blackett, NSW

Valuation with 1 house - $285,000

Granny Flat Cost - $124,740

Valuation after 6 months - $525,000

Increased Value - $240,000

Total Rental Value (House + Granny Flat) - $630 per week

Noel - Mt Pritchard, NSW

Valuation with 1 house - $540,000

Granny Flat Cost - $101,909

Valuation after 6 months - $730,000

Increased Value - $190,000

Total Rental Value (House + Granny Flat) - $820 per week

Sam - Marayong, NSW

Valuation with 1 house - $390,000

Granny Flat Cost - $95,298

Valuation after 6 months - $650,000

Increased Value - $260,000

Total Rental Value (House + Granny Flat) - $700 per week

I feel like building a Granny Flat is not like building a real house, is it flimsy?

No, that couldn’t be further from the truth. See for yourself by arranging a visit at one of our showrooms. The feedback we hear most, year after year, is that customers cannot believe the sturdiness and strong value of the Granny Flats built by Cubitt’s.

A Granny Flat built by Cubitt’s is not like a demountable, a kit home or a modular home. We are passionate about delivering Australians their dream Granny Flat, therefore we build onsite using only the best carpenters, concreters, plumbers, electricians, tilers and more. Over 25 years, we have built a team with some of the best and most reliable tradesmen in the industry, and have become the trusted name in delivering Granny Flats and Home Extensions for customers across NSW and the ACT. You’ll find no untested tradesmen in our team!

Surprise yourself by witnessing the size, structural robustness and top-quality inclusions of a Cubitt’s Granny Flat, you may even be surprised by the affordable price tag too!

Are Cubitt's Granny Flats like kit homes?

No, our Granny Flats are not like kit homes. While our Granny Flats are on average the same price as a kit home or modular home, they are not pre-fabricated.

All of the Granny Flat and home extension builds completed by Cubitt’s are done on your specific site, to your specific plans. We are committed to building your dream Granny Flat, and we understand that there should be nothing prefabricated and no shortcuts taken. This is a home we are building specific to your individual needs and tastes.

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