Granny Flats for care at home. A family guide.

When you know someone will be depending on you, as you yourself age, it can be overwhelming to know where to start with how to organise your home and space.

With Granny Flat-friendly council policies in place across NSW and the ACT, many families are investigating how a secondary dwelling on their property can provide space and independence for a loved one while they maintain care at home.

Granny Flat for Care at Home

In this free guide you'll discover

The new way to family: How Granny Flats are are helping families create clear boundaries for care at home and what all the benefits are about.

Property suitability: Work out exactly what you can build on your property, in your local council area.

Pricing and costs: Hidden costs and what to look out for so you can keep your budget on track. 

Interactive: Click through for more information and videos as you delve into each topic.

Statewide: Expert content for property owners in NSW and ACT

Hear What Cubitt’s Customers Have to Say…

This guide helped me understand what was possible with a Granny Flat. It details what I need to think about with regards to land size, council, costs and more.