Custom 2Bedroom With Wood And Corrugated Iron Cladding Merbau Decking

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At Cubitt’s we are known for custom plans. Sure, our base model Granny Flats are beautiful, but some times that added touch or tweak is just what is needed to suit your block, or your lifestyle.

Why not add a deck or alfresco area?

Keep up to date with the latest looks with a choice of cladding, finishes and colours

Why not build in brick? At Cubitt’s, your request is our responsibility.

And even better at Cubitt’s custom doesn’t come with an extra charge – let us design your custom Granny Flat at the same price as a base model.  It’s all part of The Cubitt’s Advantage.

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63Sqm Banksia 2 Bedroom Option 1 Render

Following a health scare, my wife and I were facing separation, she in a nursing home and me in a tiny retirement unit at an eye-watering cost. We chose Ian Cubitt’s to build a granny flat, with suitable modifications to meet the needs of our medical issues. Our granny flat has ramps, wide doorways, plenty of room to manoeuvre a wheelchair, sliding doors and a specially adapted bathroom. We could not be more delighted with the finished home. From pre-planning to completion we have been kept informed of progress. The site was always tidy, the tradespeople professional and polite, as were the supervising staff. The neighbours were very impressed with the low noise levels and lack of disruption to them.

- Bill, Mount Druitt. Banksia 2 Bedroom customised for Accessibility

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Enquire about a new Granny Flat designed and built by Cubitt's. Feel Secure, Comforted By The Cubitt's Advantage. Our experienced team of consultants take the time to not only review any specific needs such as DAs through council at no charge. We also don't ask for upfront fees. Ask your Cubitt's Team Member today, what sets us apart from our competitors.

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