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The 2023 Granny Flats 'Where to Begin' Guide

Everything you need to know to understand if a Granny Flat is right for you and your property. Perfect if you're not ready to speak to someone, or just starting to explore if a Granny Flat will work for your scenario.

Property suitability: Work out exactly what you can build on your property, in your local council area.

Pricing and costs: Hidden costs and what to look out for so you can keep your budget on track. 

Interactive: Click through for more information and videos as you delve into each topic.

Statewide: Expert content for property owners in NSW and ACT

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Hear What Cubitt’s Customers Have to Say…

This guide helped me understand what was possible with a Granny Flat. It details what I need to think about with regards to land size, council, costs and more.