Is your property eligible for a Granny Flat?

Search an address to discover what you could build on your property and have your report returned in 24 hours.

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How it works

1. Online Property Check

Fill in your site address. We check local council regulations to determine if you can build a Granny Flat in your backyard - we look at BOTH Complying Development (CDC) and Development Application opportunities.

2. What can I build?

We have ten Granny Flat designs ranging ranging from 40 to 60m2 for NSW and 50 - 90m2 for ACT. We'll take your block and put the best fit on your block.

3. How much return will I generate?

Using an initial ballpark cost we'll estimate your build cost and return on investment if you were to rent it out

4. How do I build it?

If the ballpark and ROI is attractive, the next step is to book a full site assessment to get a detailed quote

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2023 Granny Flat Design Form