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The Cubitt's Advantage

Ian Cubitt's Classic Home Improvements is a wholly owned family company with over 25 years' experience.  Our team, from showroom representatives to carpenters are handpicked for excellence.

At Cubitt's we have built 1700 Granny Flats and completed hundreds of additions and extensions. Whether you are creating a family future, or a financial future with this project, we have the experience to complete your project with minimum fuss, and maximum flair.

Expect more from your builder

At Cubitt's we are perfectly skilled designers, planning experts and tradespeople. But more than that we are a family, and a community. Your request is our responsibility.

Because of our longevity and reputation, we can deliver you building products from world-class suppliers and our construction team is known throughout NSW as the most reliable, thorough and friendly. At Cubitt's we know that one contact means zero confusion. You will have a dedicated site supervisor on your job from the day building starts, until it reaches completion.

What does this mean for you?

There are plenty of Granny Flat builders, and there is Cubitt's where you can expect more from your builder through maximised efficiency, transparent and welcoming communication, value, excellence and satisfaction.

Expect more for your tenants ...

We promise a higher standard of living and lifestyle for whoever lives in your Granny Flat, be it family or paying tenants. Our smarter, expert designed models have been tried, tested and refined for over 10 years to assure maximum levels of comfort.

Expect more for your time ...

The quickest possible time is guaranteed by us for your design and build process. Our single focus is on ensuring your build is a smooth and at as low a cost as possible. Our systems are streamlined and robust - no road bumps throw us off course!

Expect more from our team ...

At Cubitt's we invest in our staff. We provide a stimulating and innovative work environment which means that all that commitment and energy flows through to your project.

Expect more for your community ...

Our neighbourhood focused approach means we are mindful of the impact we are making. We always ensure a low-impact and safe environment at your site for you and surrounding properties and residents.

Expect more for the environment...

Our ethical and sustainable practices mean we are building for your future, and for a brighter and more sustainable future for all of us.

When you build with Cubitt's you receive the best value, service and craftsmanship in the market. But further than that, you will reap the benefits of The Cubitt's Advantage.

The Perfectly Skilled Team

Our team are hand picked and hugely qualified ... whether that be through extensive training or years of experience, the Cubitt's team are the industry's finest.

Focus is a crucial aspect of each team member's day. We are committed to being economical and efficient - so that you can enjoy the benefits of our efforts.

Consultants 600X375


Nothing replaces knowledge. Our consultants have a unique blend of estimating, design and planning, construction and customer service skills. You are in safe hands from the beginning of your project's journey.

All of our consultants have years of experience finding the right design and price of Granny Flat for each unique customer. Your project will be tailored to your needs and priced to your budget.

Customer Service 600X375

Customer Service

Feel comfortable to call. At Cubitt's we know that when you are building a home or investment, your money matters. So you want to know there is someone to call to answer your questions.

We don't believe in automated messages and chat-robots at Ian Cubitt's, we invest in our staff so that you will have someone to talk to every step of the way. Feel comfortable to call, and confident to question - we're here for you.

Design 600X375


Tailored to your needs. One of the most critical processes is making sure that your design is just how you hoped it would be. Our design team is dedicated to taking your design from concept to plan, whether it be one of our superb base models, or a design customised to perfection.

What sets us apart from our competitors

At Cubiit's it not just about be the best we can be in some areas. It's about providing exceptional service from start to finish.

Planning 650X375


Our secret weapon. We take the hassle out of council planning with our in-house planning team. Often referred to as our "secret weapon", the council planning team focus purely on the path of your project approvals and into construction.

We don't do council approvals by halves. Expect more from your investment - expect a pain-free approvals process.

Construction 650X375


Your requirements are our responsibility.

The Cubitt's construction team is known throughout NSW and the ACT for their high calibre workmanship, dedication to detail and safety and their commitment to go above and beyond.

From Ian Cubitt himself, through to our award-winning apprentice programme, construction is the heart and lifeblood of our company. Our construction service is unparalleled in Granny Flats.

Site Project Managment 650X375

Site Project Management

One Contact - Zero Confusion.

Our Site Supervisors focus on three key objectives at all times to ensure your peace of mind from day one to key presentation:

  • Transparent and consistent communication
  • Calm, confident and punctual delivery
  • Quality of results
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Our handpicked team of design consultants can show you how your home’s potential can be fulfilled as soon as you wish.

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