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Anywhere Design & Approval Package

Love our Designs, but located outside of our Build Area? Cubitt’s anywhere allows clients across regional NSW access to our expert Planning & Design Teams.

Let us carry the load by designing your dream Granny Flat and navigating the complex path to Council Approval. Cubitt’s Anywhere Design & Approval Package solves the complex and time-consuming process of obtaining Development Application (DA) approval. Have confidence knowing that Cubitt’s will provide you with all the pre-construction groundwork, surveys, reports, and paperwork required to take the next steps building your Granny Flat.

Our team of experienced professionals will handle all the essential tasks, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind to focus on what truly matters: bringing your dream project to life.

See below for package inclusions.


Our Design Packages identify any potential hidden costs upfront and give you the assurance that your tender price is a true reflection of the actual build costs, providing you with all the pre-construction groundwork, surveys, reports, and paperwork required to get DA or CDC approval on your build.

Most other builders will charge each of these items separately, but at Cubitt’s, we want to make your build journey as stress free as possible, which is why we have combined all these items into one simple package.


Architectural drawings, reports, surveys, expertise & peace of mind proceeding with your project

Costs featured in this package are approximate and based on a 600m2 property in Penrith.
This Package includes one set of proposed plans and one revision.

About your builder

Ian Cubitt

Ian Cubitt is a master builder of over 50 years’ experience. Starting in his father’s joinery
shop in North Sydney at 20 and developing into a custom home builder by his late 20s,
his passion for beautiful design and top notch craftsmanship has never wavered.

Seeing the need for great design at practical prices, Ian started his own building company in
1996 for extensions to existing homes at prices within the reach of the average Australian.

When Granny Flats became a reality for folks in NSW and ACT, Ian’s vision launched his building company in this direction, knowing that building a secondary dwelling that families can be proud to
live in, and where they can house their loved ones, is a dream we all should be able to achieve.



Site Visit by Licensed Builder, Ian Cubitt

The initial site visit by a builder is key to determining factors which will impact the cost and delivery of your build. When on site, Ian will assess; access for trades, storage of materials required for the build, existing services that may impede the build, any damage to existing services or site elements, complete a preliminary assessment of structural integrity, spot levels of property, assess rough calculation of earth to be removed, assumptions of asbestos, access for machinery and locations for temporary power, and many other crucial items. Our licensed builders are experts in pinpointing issues that will impact price and ease of your build.


What's included

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is a crucial phase of the planning and designing journey for any new build and provides a clear and wholistic view of your project and any potential limitations of the site. It encapsulates all the required research needed before beginning any design work including obtaining a 10.7 Planning Certificate which will advise if the property is flood or bushfire affected, and the property’s specific zoning restrictions. The Feasibility study then summarises all the parameters we must meet, to comply for DA approval. If the property is Flood or Bushfire affected – preliminary flood advice / bushfire advice will be obtained.

Feasibility reports play an extremely useful role for clients to decide whether or not to go ahead with a build project. Clients can look at the report and understand the best use of space, be aware of the inherent risks of building a project on that site and see if it is compliant to planning constraints laid down by local regulatory bodies.


What's included

NatHERS Certificate

A NatHERS Energy Rating is a calculation of how much energy a house uses in heating and cooling over a year to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. This is referred to as ‘thermal efficiency’ and is rated on a scale of 0-10 stars.

A house with 0 stars offers no insulation from the outside temperature whereas a 10 star house is able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside all year round. A NatHERS Certificate is required as part of the BASIX Assessment and contributes towards the overall sustainability of a proposed build.


What's included

BASIX Certificate

BASIX, or building sustainability index, is a NSW Government planning measure to reduce household electricity and water use by setting minimum sustainability targets for new and renovated homes.

BASIX identifies design features that will affect the likely level of thermal comfort and water and energy use per household such as location, building size, orientation and construction type, landscaping and fixtures. It sets minimum targets that must be achieved before a BASIX certificate can be generated, and then submitted as part of a development application or application for complying development. All new builds, Granny Flats and renovations over $50,000 require a BASIX Certificate.


What's included

Detailed Surveys

A detailed survey is used to determine the location of vegetation, hard and soft landscaped areas, buildings, fences, boundaries and roads on a parcel of land. It will also include contour levels, demonstrating the elevation of the land above the Australian Height Datum (AHD). Survey area limited to 2000m2. This will help us make recommendations for the best situation of the Granny Flat to make your DA approval straightforward and simple


What's included

Design Drawings & Online Meetings with Cubitt's Designer

Now comes the fun part! With our Design & Approval Package, our experienced team will take the time to make sure that your build meets all of your unique needs. Our Designer will arrange an online meeting with you for your own design consultation to make sure your new build is exactly as you’d imagined. Refine your design to perfection with three rounds of revisions included in the cost of this package. Anything is possible with Cubitt’s!


What's included

Floor Plans, Elevations & Site Plan

Watch your design start to come to life! Based on the results of the site visit and your chosen design, our team will draft your floor plan, develop technical drawings to give you and your build team a full view of your site and its surroundings, and will work out the finer details of your build from every angle.

These items are crucial components of your submission to council for approval of your build, and provide the specifics about your design, your block of land and the environment around you which can impact additional safety and regulatory requirements as well.


What's included


You will be assigned a Designated Planning Co-ordinator to provide you with progress updates and answer any questions you have. Our expert Planning Team have the knowledge and skills to navigate through the red tape and take the stress out of the Council Approval Process. Your friendly Planning Co-ordinator will be your guide throughout, providing one contact and zero confusion.


What's included

3D Renders

See your design fully brought to life with our 3D Renders. Here, we will take all of the documentation, design customisations and site information gathered to develop a three dimensional representation of your unique build, allowing you an opportunity to see your vision becoming a reality before construction even begins.


What's included

Licence Use & Copyright

One of the lesser known aspects of designing a home or granny flat is that the copyright or intellectual property rights are tightly protected by NSW and Federal legislation. Whilst one granny flat or secondary dwelling may seem much like the next, the design that you will be purchasing from Cubitt’s is yours for use of one build to practical completion.

You receive your copyright clearance and so much more. Even better, should you wish to sell your land before building your Cubitt’s design, the addition of this designed and approved set of plans adds at least $30,000 value to your sale price.

One of the Cubitt's Granny Flat and Home Extension team at work

Architectural drawings, reports, surveys, expertise & you won't make final payment until Council has approved your plans.


What's included

Also Included

Cost Estimate Summary

A Cost Estimate Summary is an approximation of what the job is likely to cost to construct.

Deposited Plan

A deposited plan depicts the subdivision of a parcel of land. They record easements and define legal boundaries.

Development Application (DA) Fees

Fees paid to the Local Council for the assessment of proposed development.

Schedule of External Finishes

A Schedule of External Finishes is a list of all the finishes for the exterior of the proposed building.

Section 10.7(2) Planning Certificate

A Section 10.7(2) certificate shows the zoning of the property, its relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property constraints such as land contamination, level of flooding and bushfire prone land.




Section 68 Approval Application Fees

Fees paid to the Local Council for the assessment of water supply work, sewerage work and stormwater drainage work.

Section 88B Instrument

A section 88B instrument is a development consent requirement for the registration of many different items ranging from positive covenants to easements.

Statement of Environmental Effects

A statement of environmental effects describes the environmental impacts of the proposed development.

Title Search

A current copy of the Certificate of Title which shows the current owner, the land description and any dealings associated.

Waste Management Plan

A waste management plan ensures the development is carried out in accordance with the NSW Waste and Sustainability Materials Strategy.

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Operations Manager


Jasmin Kowe

Design Manager


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Harry Kim

Operations Manager


Jasmin Kowe

Design Manager


Vince Zinghini

Planning Director


Simon Crane

Head of Construction