6 alfresco extension ideas to make your summer sizzle

November 17, 2021

Want to spend more time in the Great Outdoors this summer? There’s no better way to do it than with a stunning alfresco area. Built using premium timber and treated to prevent weather damage, a polished alfresco area can add value and style to your home while you enjoy the fresh air.

Complete with an outdoor kitchen and stylish furniture, you’ll be hosting barbeques every weekend and spending hours upon hours in the warm summer sun.

Need help planning for your new alfresco area? Here are six alfresco extension ideas to inspire the design and building process.



Install an outdoor kitchen for summer BBQs

One of the major elements our customers ask for is space for an outdoor kitchen — and we get it! A barbeque is a classic Aussie event in summer, so it’s important to have a barbeque or outdoor kitchen available for those incredible get-togethers.

When we design your new alfresco area, we’ll ensure you have enough space for a stunning outdoor kitchen. Sizzle up some sausage sandwiches, grill some steaks or even veggie kebabs — your summer is set with a designer alfresco area from Cubitt’s.


Create an indoor/outdoor room extension

An indoor/outdoor room extension makes entertaining simple in summer.

Just off the dining room or kitchen, an indoor/outdoor room will ensure you’re still a part of the action while preparing food and drinks indoors. Keep the conversation flowing and allow fresh air to flow in through the open doors — it’s the perfect solution for summer entertaining



Add outdoor lighting for late-night drinks

Carrying the party on into the night? You’re going to need some quality outdoor lighting to set the mood. Consider installing recessed lighting — built into the ceiling, this lighting looks neat, tidy and contemporary while providing ample light for late-night drinks.

Talk to Cubitt’s about having lighting installed for your outdoor entertaining area.


Opt for natural timber furniture

An alfresco area wouldn’t be complete without furniture. Your dining set will be spending its life in the Great Outdoors, so you will need to opt for something sturdy and weather-resistant.

For centuries, timber has been the number one choice for outdoor furniture — teak, cedar and acacia are popular materials as they are hardwearing and resistant to weather damage.

Plus, timber effortlessly adds a touch of warmth to your alfresco design.



Install an in-built heater for winter get-togethers

If you want to entertain all year round, we recommend installing an outdoor fireplace. A fireplace will keep your guests warm even in the chilliest of weather conditions, while also adding a relaxed atmosphere to the space.

There’s nothing better than gathering around a roaring fireplace in the middle of winter. Who says barbeques need to be a summer event?


Add a chiminea for outdoor roasts

Want to add a more rustic vibe to your alfresco area? Consider adding a chiminea to the space for smoky, homestyle cooking. Made from either cast iron, cast aluminium or terracotta clay, a chiminea can add incredible flavour to beef, barbequed chicken and much more.

Pack your chiminea with aromatic woods like cedar, hickory, mesquite or pinon wood for extra flavour and in the cooler weather, gather around to warm your hands long after dinner has been cooked.


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Ready to get your new alfresco area underway? Contact the team at Cubitt’s for more information about alfresco extension costs and inspiration for the design process. We’ve helped hundreds of Aussie homeowners add beautiful alfresco areas to their homes — and we can do the same for you!

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