What’s included in a Cubitt’s Home Extension Design Pack?

February 22, 2023

A Cubitt’s Design Pack is a critical piece of your custom home addition, or renovation project. Going beyond a sketch of a floor plan, a Cubitt’s Design Pack will give you the sound technical information you need to know what is genuinely possible for your project – and critically, what it could cost.

Dedicated to your needs, when you move ahead with a Cubitt’s Design Pack, your Design Consultant can start the process of getting all the expertise involved, bringing your Home Extension design into sight.

Here are the goals of a Home Extension Design Pack:

1. Establish your design vision: A concept design sets out the design vision for the house. It helps to establish the overall aesthetic, style, and function of the home, ensuring that everyone involved in the project is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Is your goal more space, more rooms, more function – this is all set here.

2. Identify key design elements: The concept design will include key design elements such as the size and shape of the home, the number and layout of rooms, and the general architectural style. These elements will inform the more detailed design decisions that come later in the process.

3. Provide a starting point for technical discussion: The concept design is a starting point for discussion and feedback. It allows you to have a formalised discussion with a Design Consultant, and a Design Manager, where you will input the design elements most important to you. While your Design Manager completes your design concept, they are able to review the proposal with our in house drafts people and builders who can provide comments on potential technical design and build, which comes at a later stage. This is your opportunity to collaborate with your Design Manager and bring your dream home to life on paper.


4. Provide key surveys and reports: What's happening in the ground on and around where we will build? So there's no surprises later on, Geotechnical (soil) experts and bushfire reports are purchased and examined as a key input to concept design. These are all the experts that need consulting to know that your concept – your dream home – can indeed be built as you intend it to be.

5. Establishing a budget: Home extensions are customised to the existing site building and to your specific needs. Your money matters – and it matters to us! You could ballpark a budget with a local builder and then get a shock when things cost a lot more. The concept design will help to establish a true budget for the project from start to finish. It can not only provide an estimate of the cost of building the house, but also help to identify areas where cost savings can be made without compromising the overall design vision.

6. Access to the Experts: Your Design Consultant will be with you right through the Design Pack process, with access to all our in-house experts. Like our amazing planning team who prepare your feasibility study that summarises all the council controls that are applicable to that type of proposal.

Through the process your Design Manager will work within your vision and the regulations set by council (provided to the client through the Feasibility Study) to ensure a compliant design.

Concept Design Pack

Understanding your project concept is an essential early step in any home extension project, its key to identifying timelines and budgets and crucial to determining what's achievable.

When you work with Cubitt’s, we have all our trades in house, we’ll step you through what's ahead, the timelines involved, and what's feasible in delivering your future home. We have the experience and knowledge, and a team of experts working on your behalf. Plus, you can bring your idea to life with a Cubitt’s design pack for less than half the cost of an architect.

Need some inspiration? See how some Cubitt's clients are building a second storey extension,  to create more space for their families. If your home isn't suitable to build UP, have a look at a dozen floorplans from clients building front, back and side extensions.


Cubitt’s offer a completely free initial site visit where we come to your home and discuss your ideas and what's possible. They will help you sketch out a floor plan and bring your idea to life, show you an example Design Pack and explain what you can expect through the building process at each stage. To make an enquiry, fill out our form below and request an assessment, visit a showroom or call 1300 721 150.


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