Construction Boom: Why Demand for Home Extensions is at an All-Time High?

September 28, 2021

This week, at their Annual 2021 Construction Outlook event, Housing Industry Association Chief Economist, Tim Reardon identified Home Extensions and Renovations at an all time high, superseding the previous heights on 2003/2004.

Why are so many families turning their attention to some extensions right now?

For many NSW folk, whether they be in Greater Sydney, The Hunter Valley, Illawarra or even our neighbors in Canberra, much of 2021 has been spent at home. Whilst we have been spending more time working and living in our own properties, our minds have wandered toward the possibilities of extending and improving our homes.


At Cubitt’s Home Extensions, we have heard from so many clients over the past six to twelve months that their families need more space. Fortunately, we are here to help.

The cost of an Extension can vary greatly and that’s why at Cubitt’s we like to start by listening to your building needs.

For some families, the only way is up when it comes to a Home Extension, and if you have a strong foundational structure to your existing home, there is no reason why a first-floor addition isn’t a must.

Adding 2-3 rooms to the top of your existing home, along with an extra bathroom and storage, is precisely what most families need. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, everyone needs their own space to live, study, sleep and relax.

The Return of the Rumpus Room!

Australian homes in the 1980’s were rarely without that great Aussie invention “The Rumpus Room”. Named this so the kids of the family could get raucous and rumpus around with their toys and play in peace and safety, the Rumpus Room concept is very much back for families today.

Traditionally a Ground Floor Extension which give access straight to the backyard, the Rumpus Room is a lifesaver for all parents who want to encourage their kids to have active and imaginative playtime – without cluttering and messing the main part of the home.

Building a Rumpus Room (with an attached toilet and bathroom for sticky hands and muddy feet) is the solution for homes that many families are looking for. Cubitt’s have built hundreds of ground floor additions and extensions to homes over our 28 years in business!


A Mortgage You Can Smash…

Admit it, during the lockdown you have been watching NSW and ACT property prices skyrocket with a mixture of terror and awe. Should we sell now and move? Will the property bubble burst? And will interest rates go up in the next couple of years?

One assurance that Cubitt’s can offer all homeowners is that adding additional space to your current home will not break the bank and is 100% guaranteed to raise the value of your property.

As they say, ‘don’t move, improve’ – stay where you have put down roots and make this home the optimum version of what it can be, with a ground floor or first floor extension.

Rather than overstretching yourself with a bigger mortgage for a bigger home, invest wisely in your current property and leave yourself with a mortgage that is going to give you a spacious, comfortable home and the pocket change to take a holiday in 2022.

What about materials and labour shortages?

When you build with a long term, established builder like Cubitt’s you are receiving the advantage of long established supplier relationship. What more, Cubitt’s invest in their own warehousing and supply chain to ensure that materials are ready for every construction project on our books.

Unlike dealing with a local builder, Cubitt’s has the backing of strong supply, thorough construction insurances and our own delivery team who ensure that your build is stress-free and affordable,

Cubitt’s have the longevity and transparency to offer you the most competitive prices in the NSW Building industry for Home Extensions which reflect quality and workmanship. At Cubitt’s, we employ a team of 50 carpenters, including an extensive and well managed apprentice programme.

What does this mean for our clients? This means that Cubitt’s tradies are trained and held to a high level of quality assurance, they are valued employees and they care about how your property and your building site is treated.


So How do I Go About Getting a Cubitt’s Home Extension Built?

Knowing what we do about Home Extensions, we have developed an assured and transparent process for you to achieve the Home Extension project you visualize. Your vision is our priority!

When you speak to a Cubitt’s Design Consultant about your Home Extension project, they will take you through and simple but important set of questions, to get a sense of what would really suit your situation. Design matters and all Cubitt’s Home Extensions are bespoke designs structurally fit your existing home, as well as achieve the “look” you want.

Whether you would like to match a beautiful coastal style on the central coast, or you would like to make a statement with some architectural features for a forward thinking design in Sydney or Canberra metro, we can meet your needs and your budget.

We love to hear from the start what the space issue is that you are looking to solve, what research you have already done and what imagery, photographs and inspiration such as Pinterest visualization boards you have developed while you were thinking about changes to your home.

Once we have met to talk about your vision, we will introduce a Cubitt’s Extension Design Pack to you. This pack is a one-stop-shop for preparing for a Home Extension, providing you with an set of your current existing house plans (created by internally scanning your home with architectural software), a topographical survey, a set of 3D and 2 D concept drawings for your project (with revisions provided) and an accurate estimate for the cost of your Home Extension Build.

It couldn’t be more simple than that!

Even better, you will be working with a dedicated design consultant and designer to ensure that plans are exactly how you had hoped, and that the cost is within your budget.


Ready for Action?

Now that you have assurance that you can build, and you have your plans and 3D drawings in place, nothing is standing between you and the home that you want.

Cubitt’s are even able to help should you need refinancing, through our direct relationship with Mortgage Choice. Dedicated brokers are on-hand to help you find the finance you need to extend your home.

The Mortgage Choice/Cubitt’s finance team understand precisely what is involved in financing a Cubitt’s building project and will be able to steer you towards a sensible lending solution, whether that be with your current bank or with a new lender.

So, Are you Ready to Extend Your Home?

For all these reasons, Home Extensions and Renovations are the thing to be doing towards the end of 2021 and into 2022. Are you ready to build with the best? Call Cubitt’s on 1300 721 150 or email us on There is always someone available to listen to your vision for extending your home


So let’s find that Space for Freedom in the home you already love!

What a renovation looks like with Cubitt’s

Here at Cubitt’s, we’ve built our business around home extensions and renovations. We’ve completed more than 300 extensions across Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and beyond - we love seeing a house transform into a dream home, which is why we’re considered one of the leading renovation teams on Australia’s east coast!

Reinvent your home with Cubitt’s - give us a call on 1300 721 150 for an obligation-free consultation today!


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