Are you still a one bathroom family? Home additions that make a difference to family dynamic

December 1, 2022

It’s the in joke in pop culture family tv – One person hogging the bathroom, using all the hot water, empty toilet rolls everywhere, but if it’s not a reality at your place yet – it could be in a few years’ time.

If you have younger children, it is likely a one bathroom can work as a family of three or four. Young children need guided use of bathrooms for bath time, toilet and teeth – and its easily scheduled around other family members

However, with older and teenage children and those entering adulthood bathroom quarrels may be more common, and it may become more of a challenge to negotiate busier morning and evening bathroom times, with every hair and spot needing closer examination and attention

Space may also become a premium inside the tiled walls, of your once sufficient bathroom with every member wanting to have their own personal items such as toothbrushes, toiletries, brushes and other beauty and grooming products handy. Of course, nurture and patience play a role in allowing everyone to take their turn, although friction will be inevitable at times.

More space, more bathrooms or even moving home can be a solution to avoid these. It’s worth thinking about how your home will function, possibly before starting a family or while children are still young - each household is different, and whereas some can manage and cope quite easily, others can naturally find it more of a struggle.

We look at all the ways our clients are adding more bathroom space at their place.

New Master Suite with Ensuite

There’s no denying that carving out a private space in your own home will give you the zen you are looking for when parenting tweens, teens and young adults requires a moment to yourself!

Doors on patio open to modern bedroom

Check out this ground floor parents retreat that adds a personal 25m2 with a large master bedroom with walk in robes and near on 8m2 ensuite featuring a bath. The covered outdoor porch area is a private space bonus.

Or this 86m2 extension for spacious single living, with a new garage giving rise to a new master bedroom with ensuite.

Want to go upstairs? This 58m2 second story addition goes beyond the concept of a 'parents retreat' and is design for a separate living - like an attached Granny Flat atop your existing home. Perfect for multigenerational living, the apartment consists of a large sitting room and study space, with enough open space for flexibility in use. The generous sized bedroom has a walk in robe and ensuite bathroom - and even its own balcony!

If its separate living for yourself or anyone in the family, this ‘AirBnB’ style Granny Flat over garage is a clever, compact and practical Home Extension, incorporating a new garage with accommodation over the top. The house extension offers an open plan layout including a generous size bedroom with ensuite, and a balcony off the front

Teen Retreat

We’re a generation of parents who want everything for our kids – and that starts at home! Your home is a place for your children to grow, learn and be nurtured. Committing to staying connected through adolescent years might mean a practical investment in some additional space - a teenagers retreat, where creature comforts can keep the peace.

Our 61m2 Teenage Retreat second storey addition plans include two extra bedrooms, a bathroom and storage, as well as a large sitting area to give everyone a comfortable place they call home

A huge walk in robe may be just the things for fashion loving teens to have their own space to get ready for the day, and that’s what our 82m2 Room to Grow extension offers, featuring two generous bedrooms with exceptional walk in robe space, as well as a full sized bathroom, sitting room and storage.

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A Whole Other Home at Home

If it’s a major extension you are after, you could put all the bedrooms upstairs like our 60m2 Second Level Living design

Or our 59m2 second storey house extension for growing families. Moving most of your bedrooms upstairs gives you more room on the ground floor - for whatever you'd like! Perhaps a guest bathroom, a larger kitchen living or dining room?

If single level living is the long term goal – building out can make not just the bathroom bigger, but all the living and bedroom areas, like with our 60m2 entertainers dream.

Maybe even a Granny Flat?


There are really few disadvantages to Granny Flats and teen retreats are just one way families are making space for each other as they grow.

Consider how a Granny Flat could not only ovver more space right now - but a great investment for the future



The hardest part of a home extension is often getting a builder out to tell you whats possible - at Cubitt's we have a team of people skilled in cionstruction design ready to tell you whats possible for making your house your dream home - with as many bathrooms as you need!

Talk to us about your Home Extension today

Interested in finding out how to make a positive investment from a Cubitt's Home Extension? Get in touch for a no-obligation site inspection today.

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