The Quality Materials We Use to Build Your Granny Flat

May 1, 2020

It’s all too easy to identify homes that have taken shortcuts during the build process. Crumbling or flaking concrete, flimsy door latches, electrical switches which don’t work – small details that all paint a bigger picture. If you’re giving money to a builder who is reluctant to share information on their materials or build process - you may end up with a seemingly attractive Granny Flat ridden with ugly on-going maintenance costs.

Cubitt’s are passionate about building top-quality Granny Flats for our customers, at affordable prices. We have been building Granny Flats and Home Extensions in Australia for over 25 years, and a big part of this success is due to delivering projects with quality craftsmanship on time and within budget, with no hidden fees or post-contract changes. Our longevity and extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to source high-quality materials from world-class suppliers at affordable, value for money prices.

Over 25 years, we have tirelessly tried, tested and handpicked the best materials to build high-quality projects, down to every little detail. For a small glimpse of what this entails, here are just a few of the top-of-the-range materials we use in our Granny Flat projects:


Well-Engineered Frames and Trusses, for a Stronger Structure

Cubitt’s are true builders at our core – from our Founder Ian Cubitt himself, right through to our construction team of over one hundred experienced builders. We understand the importance of a strong structure, and don’t pre-fabricate buildings like some of our competitors do to save their margin. At Cubitt’s, we actually build your Granny Flat on-site, with highly qualified carpenters. We have long-term partnerships with industry leaders to supply reliable and well-engineered products, and ensure all frames are termite treated and certified.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort with Quality Insulation

With many Australians looking for ways to lower their heating and cooling costs, we often get asked about our insulation and its quality. A Granny Flat built by Cubitt’s includes high-performance insulation to all floors, external walls and ceiling areas. This is just one of the many inclusions you receive when you design and build your Granny Flat with Cubitt’s.


COLORBOND® Steel Roofing

Famous for being strong, secure and energy smart, COLORBOND® steel roofing not only looks great but is specifically designed to endure the harsh Australian weather conditions. Available in a selection of colours for you to choose from, this high-quality product is just one of the added bonuses included in every one of Cubitt’s wide range of Granny Flat models.

Call us on 1300 721 150 to find out more on Cubitt’s Granny Flat inclusions.

Look Great and Stay Safe with Quality External Cladding from Weathertex, James Hardie or more!

Cubitt’s Granny Flats are affixed with cladding to their exterior, in order to be functional as well as attractive. It is available in a variety of colours and profiles for customers to choose from, and our team often get asked about the vast benefits of using it as a material.

One of the biggest benefits of cladding is that it is virtually maintenance free. Aside from occasional cleaning, cladding does not need repairs since it does not rust, crack, corrode or warp in shape. Nor does it need repainting since the colour doesn’t fade, plus it is extremely durable, even when exposed to years of relentless Australian weather conditions. Cladding is strong from a fire safety perspective too, being slow to ignite, and it is inherently flame retardant due to its chlorine base.


Quality Service for a Stress-Free Experience

The positive outcomes we deliver don’t just stem from the physical materials we use. Cubitt’s are known for our transparent, stress-free approach and award-winning customer service team. From the very beginning, our experienced design consultants listen to your needs, budget, objectives and vision, and unlike most other companies, we can customise a solution specifically for you. Our experienced council planning and drafting teams understand the complexities of building with councils across NSW and the ACT, minimising delays, while our construction team are widely recognised as the most reliable, thorough and friendly tradesmen in the state. We also offer a dedicated project manager as a personal point of contact, keeping you informed and updated throughout the process from design to completion.

Don’t compromise on quality. Build with confidence when you build with Cubitt’s. Call our experienced sales and design consultants today on 1300 721 150 or via email at


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