Channel Nine’s The Block Confirms: Studios and Granny Flats Desirable to Home Buyers

August 22, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of property renovation, where creativity meets utility, no show captures the essence quite like Channel 9’s The Block. With its riveting take on house transformations, the show's latest instalment has been nothing short of captivating. This time around, the spotlight fell on the concept of self-contained spaces – particularly the enchanting realm of studio spaces – or as they’ve been misnamed on the show, ‘Granny Flats’.

Correct term or no, the dynamic landscape of living spaces took a dramatic turn in the wake of the pandemic. The once-humble term "studio" evolved into a buzzword that held the key to reimagining properties. Studios of old, once homes to Christmas decorations and miscellaneous clutter, saw a renaissance as families scrambled to embrace the allure of family bubbles, home office and additional space and privacy in a world that had shifted its paradigms.

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The Block 2023 Confirms Granny Flats Add Value to Your Property

As seen across the nation, from coast to coast, the trend caught fire, and property owners embarked on projects that knew no half measures. This resurgence breathed new life into the concept of a Granny Flat, rendering them valuable commodities that could significantly boost a property's market value. According to Domain, homes with these self-contained gems could command a staggering $266,000 more on the median price compared to their less-equipped counterparts.

But as we witnessed on the latest episodes of The Block, defining the components of a studio can be an exercise in interpretation. The pivotal questions loom: Should it encompass a kitchenette, a fridge, or even a fireplace? Is a TV a necessity, or should it give way to a microwave? And in a world brimming with choices, when not it use as a separate living or guest - should it accommodate a Pilates bed?

With so much space in your Studio - you must carefully consider layout

Taking centre stage was Kyle and Leslie's colossal 48-square-metre studio – a space that dwarfed many a Sydney apartment. The challenge, however, lay in transforming this ample canvas into a functional masterpiece. A tantalising prospect emerged: why not craft a stand-alone unit, ripe for renting separately, offering potential buyers an opportunity to secure an income stream or a strategic investment move? Although these two cam through with the goods, the space looks ‘all bed’ to us, in fact you must walk through the bedroom to get to the living area. A miss. Compare this to one of our 40m2 Granny Flats which could start as your footprint for a studio like this. They should fix this before they go to market.


Does anyone really want a Murphy bed in a house they buy?

Over to Leah and Ash's ingenious use of a Murphy bed – a fold-down marvel that epitomises flexibility and adaptability – or does it? The judges weren’t happy that they wasted an opportunity to add an extra living area to the house, facing their courtyard no less, creating a lovely indoor outdoor entertaining space. Would you put in a murphy bed? Or a sofa?


Is it a home? or a hotel room?

As light and brightness became the new hallmark of self-contained spaces, Kristy and Brett's implementation of skylights marked a turning point. The introduction of natural light invigorated these compact sanctuaries, shedding light on the potential for versatile, dynamic living. Bright lights aside, this interpretation was a little soulless and felt inflexible in use. Although we are loving the sage, similar to our Blue Mountains Inspire Granny Flat.


It's got everything you need, just a few extra metres and its perfect

Eliza and Liberty's studio, while brimming with everything, suffered from an excess that overshadowed its utility. A pivotal lesson emerged: the beauty of these spaces often lay in what was left out, as the act of omission often held as much significance as the inclusions themselves.


Want to build a studio, just like on The Block 2023?

Yet, among all the elements that contribute to an ideal studio, one principle emerged as an unshakable foundation: the importance of a dedicated entrance. As the property realm evolves, this feature reigns supreme. Microwaves and sink debates may persist, but in the grand scheme of 2023, a self-contained space boasting an independent ingress holds the key to outshining its neighbouring properties.

The captivating journey through The Block's latest chapters illustrates the transformative power of studios in modern homes. These dynamic spaces, once overlooked, have now risen to prominence as prized assets that elevate a property's worth and utility. As the scenes unfold, the invitation is clear – explore the world of studios, envision a life of versatility, and discover how these spaces can redefine your living experience.

If you find yourself captivated by the allure of these self-contained sanctuaries, now is the time to act. Consider Cubitt’s, experts in crafting versatile spaces that marry elegance and utility. With studio spaces starting at just $150,000, reach out today and enhancing the value and utility of your home, as The Block has masterfully showcased. Your dream studio awaits.

Our friendly team understand that building a home is a unique and personal experience. We’re ready to listen to your needs, and provide customised Granny Flats to suit your lifestyle requirements such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorframes. Understand the differences between a Granny Flat and a Studio.

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