The Benefits of Hosting Christmas with a Granny Flat

December 16, 2021

The Australian Christmas Season is a special time of year to celebrate with those you love. However, if you are hosting Christmas celebrations on your property, it can be exhausting having to organise your family and prepare the main house. We reveal how owning a Granny Flat can help you host the best Christmas yet

Cropped shot of a happy family having Christmas lunch together

Room for Your Growing Family

We’ve all had times when either ourselves or family has had to sleep on the couch, sleep on a roll-out mattress in the living room or share a bed with a relative. It can be uncomfortable if you don’t know your family well, and hinders your sense of privacy, not to mention the line to use the shower! Having comfortable accommodation readily available on your property for family and friends is a huge benefit of a Granny Flat at Christmas, especially when you have family from overseas or interstate.

Using intuitive design to maximise the use of space, Cubitt’s Granny Flats provide multiple bedrooms of impressive size each with built-in wardrobe, you can choose to have a separate laundry and bathroom, full-size kitchen as well as an open-plan living and dining areas. In this way, you can preserve a sense of privacy for everyone and enjoy Christmas from the very moment your loved ones arrive!

All I Want for Christmas is More Space!

With the presents, decorations, food, drinks, luggage, highchairs - we all know there is somehow never enough space for the whole family when Christmas comes along! This is where a Granny Flat shines, as it provides more usable space for entertaining family and friends surrounded by your garden, or even nearby your pool during the summer festive season. It means you have storage for all your entertaining tableware and decorations, power points for your speakers without needing extension cords, and extra fridge space for all the food and leftovers.

Granny Flats also help to make setup and clean up a breeze, since you won’t need to spend hours vacuuming and cleaning the main house. This means you can keep your private living space separate, so you can relax and enjoy more of the day.


Keep Everyone Close

Has your Uncle had a little too much Pale Ale? Has the roast turkey made Nanna a little sleepy? No problem! Give everyone a much-needed rest with versatile accommodation in your very own backyard. A great advantage of owning a Granny Flat at Christmas is that there is no need to travel on Christmas Day if everyone stays overnight in the same location. This is particularly helpful for elderly relatives who are less mobile, or families with young children who want to avoid traffic in the heat and the long drive home.

Cherish Every Moment at Christmas

Another special benefit of owning a Granny Flat on your property is that your elderly relatives can be close to their grandchildren (or perhaps great-grandchildren) on Christmas. There is nothing more treasured than being there to witness the excitement of young children as they open their presents on Christmas morning. With less logistics to worry about on the day, it helps to remove the distraction and hassle away from your Christmas - so you can focus on what is important.

Shot of a family spending Christmas day together

Do you need more usable space for your growing family?

Why not take a peek at Cubitt’s wide range of Granny Flat Flat designs. Or, if you don’t need as much accommodation but want extra open-plan space for entertaining, Cubitt’s Crawford Garden Studio design, back by popular demand, may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cubitt’s have been building for over 25 years to become the trusted name in delivering Granny Flats and Home Extensions across NSW and the ACT. Call our award-winning customer service team to find out more, on 1300 721 150.

The team at Cubitt’s wishes everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May the spirit of Christmas be with you and your family this festive season!


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