Stickybeak – Three Bedroom Granny Flat “The Hamilton”

October 13, 2023

Welcome to a real life 'Hamilton', built in the flesh to Cubitt's exceptional standards. This three-bedroom Granny Flat built in the Unanderra area of Wollongong, embodies contemporary coastal living at its finest. This innovative space redefines what a Granny Flat can be, offering a harmonious fusion of style, practicality, and comfort. Inside, each bedroom has been designed to accommodate practical storage and allow natural light. The warm oak laminate flooring flows seamlessly through the bedrooms, ensuring easy maintenance and a cohesive aesthetic.

What sets this Granny Flat apart is the emphasis on practicality, including a thoughtfully designed layout, and dozens of touches that contribute to the space's versatility and functionality. It's a bright, airy, and well-balanced dwelling that effortlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors, offering a coastal lifestyle unlike any other. A huge thank you to our wonderful clients who let us photograph their home before letting it out as an investment.

Three Bedroom Granny Flat with All the Living Space

The open-plan living area is a masterfully designed space that seamlessly combines the living room, dining area, and kitchen into a cohesive and functional whole. What's even more remarkable is the clever incorporation of a European laundry discreetly tucked into the cupboards next to the TV area, maximising utility without compromising aesthetics or space.

A standout feature in the kitchen is the statement island bench, which not only serves as a focal point but also houses a sink and dishwasher, ensuring efficient workflow for meal preparation and clean-up. The overhead cabinetry in the kitchen provides additional storage space, keeping the area clutter-free and organized.

To create a harmonious look, oak accents are used in the kitchen to match the laminate flooring, adding warmth and a sense of continuity to the space. The kitchen also offers ample room for a large refrigerator, catering to the practical needs of a modern household.

This open-plan living area is a bright and airy expanse that effortlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors on both sides, creating a welcoming and versatile living space perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

Albert St Unanderra (27)

Practical Space Saving Bathroom

Albert St Unanderra (18)

A practical, space-saving bathroom design optimises every inch for functionality and style. One standout feature is the shower that spans the full width of the room, offering a luxurious and spacious area for a refreshing wash.

The three-drawer vanity and a recessed shaving cabinet provide ample storage, keeping essentials within easy reach while maintaining a clutter-free look. To enhance the sense of space, the shaving cabinet is equipped with mirror doors that reflect light, making the bathroom feel brighter and more open. In this design, simplicity is key, emphasising clean lines and minimalism, ensuring that every element serves a purpose, contributing to a bathroom that seamlessly balances practicality and coastal aesthetics.

Finally, in this well-thought-out design, an oversized window ensures an abundance of natural light and excellent ventilation, enhancing air circulation, promoting a fresh and comfortable environment.

Three Bedroom Granny Flat - Each Bed With Robes

Albert St Unanderra (7)

A three-bedroom granny flat offers an ideal living arrangement for various households, from families to roommates or even as a home office space. Each of these three bedrooms is carefully designed to offer both comfort and practicality. Spacious three-door robes in each room provide ample storage for personal belongings, ensuring that the living space remains clutter-free. The addition of mirrored doors on these wardrobes not only amplifies the sense of space within the bedrooms but also brings in natural light, making the rooms feel more open and inviting.

Laminate flooring in a warm oak finish is a smart choice for the bedrooms. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also offers easy maintenance, making it a practical option for busy lives. It's durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life, ensuring that the bedrooms maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

A simple investor package rounds out these bedrooms, including standard features like fans and roller blinds. These additions not only enhance the comfort and functionality of the rooms but also provide a cohesive and uniform look throughout the granny flat. Altogether, the three bedrooms in this granny flat are a testament to thoughtful design, catering to both style and convenience.

Granny Flat Coastal Styling

Our Coastal Facades blends the sleek minimalism of modern Australian design with the laid back and natural feel of coastal living. Capitalising on the beauty of the natural environment, our range of flexible and functional designs create seamless living between indoor and outdoor spaces and are filled with clean lines, coastal colours, and subtle nods to the beachy surroundings through natural materials and textures.

When it comes to decorating a home, it can be a challenge to choose the right furniture and styling that suits your taste and budget. However, the Valiant styling package through Cubitt’s makes this process a breeze.


Coastal inspired façade taking new heights

Albert St Unanderra (23)

Coastal-inspired finishings have evolved in recent years. Long gone are the days of plain, white, cookie-cutter coastal designs that once dominated the seaside landscape. In this new era, white has taken a backseat, and shades of blue have emerged as the colour of choice.

The exterior of this three bedroom Granny Flat is finished in our standard James Hardie cladding, and painted in Taubman's 'Windspray' - an elegant shade that captures the essence of the coastal environment.  To complement this fresh colour palette, the Colorbond roof and trim in 'Surfmist' adds a bright contrast.

Practical design adjustments have been made to the size of the Hamilton deck to accommodate the sloping block. The decorative gable adorning the decking roof is a nice touch that completes the coastal charm.

Take a 3D virtual tour of this finished Granny Flat! right here on our website, and measure it up for size and style. We'd love to know if you can see this Granny Flat or coastal styling in your future? Contact us for a free onsite assessment using the form below.

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