Smaller Builders: The Safer Choice for Construction Amidst Supply and Pipeline Issues

May 22, 2023

In the face of unprecedented challenges in the construction industry, homeowners and investors are finding comfort in turning to smaller builders. With larger construction projects encountering disruptions in the supply chain, shortages of skilled labour, soaring material costs, logistical complications, contractual constraints, and unpredictable weather events, smaller builders offer a reliable and efficient alternative. This article explores how working with nimble and resourceful professionals can ensure timely project completion and maintain exceptional quality standards. We'll delve into the advantages of choosing smaller builders, focusing on how they insulate against industry-wide issues and provide peace of mind to their clients.

Challenges Faced by Larger Construction Businesses

The current construction landscape poses significant hurdles for larger construction businesses. Supply chain disruptions, caused by various factors such as global economic shifts, political instability, and natural disasters, have led to delays in the delivery of essential materials. Additionally, skilled labor shortages have further compounded these delays, making it difficult to meet project timelines.

The skyrocketing costs of materials and logistics have also put financial strain on larger construction companies, affecting project budgets and profitability. Moreover, locked-in price contracts can leave them vulnerable to fluctuations in material costs, impacting their overall margins. Finally, extreme weather events, which are becoming more frequent and unpredictable, can cause further project delays and complications.

Unfortunetaly as demonstrated by the collapse of some of the states largest builders has shown - the larger the builder, the larger the risk of being affected by all these factors.

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The Advantages of Smaller Builders

Smaller builders, like Cubitt's, offer a safer and more efficient choice for homeowners and investors seeking construction quotes amidst the industry's challenges. These builders have several advantages that set them apart from their larger counterparts.

  • Greater Control over the Construction Process: Smaller builders typically have their own in-house trades teams, allowing them to maintain direct control over the construction process. By relying less on external contractors, they can better manage scheduling, quality control, and project coordination. This enables them to ensure consistent and timely progress, leading to smoother construction experiences for their clients.

Cubitt's employ full time builders and carpenters local to all the areas we operate to ensure our pipeline.


  • Independent Supply and Warehousing: Unlike larger companies heavily reliant on external suppliers, smaller builders often have their own dedicated warehouses. This allows them to purchase and store necessary materials when contracts are signed, mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions. By maintaining direct control over their material inventory, smaller builders can overcome the challenges of material shortages and unexpected delays caused by external factors.

Cubitt's have our own warehousing and logistics enabling purchase and storage of materials  as contracts are paid.


  • Streamlined Logistics: Smaller builders often have their own logistics infrastructure, enabling them to efficiently transport materials and equipment from their warehouse to the construction site. This streamlined approach minimizes the reliance on external delivery services, reducing the potential for delays and logistical complications.

With our own trucks and drivers we are non stop ensuring materials are in the right place at the right time.


  • Smaller-Scale Projects and Complying Developments: Granny flats, which are typically smaller-scale construction projects, can often be built under complying development regulations. This streamlined approval process allows smaller builders to navigate the bureaucratic hurdles more efficiently, reducing potential delays.
    With shorter project timelines, homeowners and investors can experience faster completion and faster returns on investment.


Additionally Cubitt's have their own in house planning team and don't rely on contracted planners. We are expert builders and planners in every area we operate.

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As supply and pipeline issues continue to plague the construction industry, smaller builders emerge as a secure and reliable choice for homeowners and investors.

By leveraging in-house trades teams, independent supply and warehousing capabilities, streamlined logistics, and expertise in smaller-scale projects, these builders offer a smoother construction process and enhanced peace of mind.

Choosing a smaller builder like Cubitt's ensures timely project completion, quality craftsmanship, and insulation against the challenges faced by larger construction businesses. When it comes to building Granny Flats or home extensions, opting for a smaller builder is an investment in reliability, efficiency, and exceptional results.

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