Researching and Planning a Granny Flat? Here’s Why The Greater Sydney Lockdown is The Perfect Time!

March 22, 2022

Has the Greater Sydney COVID Lockdown got you thinking about your property’s value?

Have you got some downtime to think about keeping family members close?

Or perhaps working from home has got you thinking about a Granny Flat home office. 
At Cubitt’s, we get it - Cubitt’s understand your needs. With maximizing your property’s space whilst keeping family close such a hot topic, we wanted to give you a strong outline of why a Granny Flat is the perfect solution to plan for now. Now that we are in a lockdown, there has never been a better time to plan for your Granny Flat. Let Cubitt’s take you through all the reasons that researching and getting guidance on a Granny Flat building project is so relevant in the Greater Sydney lockdown.


Why Should I Plan My Granny Flat Now?

Because we’re here to give you personal attention.

Building a granny flat should be an enjoyable time, Cubitt’s experience and vast knowledge means that establishing a secondary dwelling on your property will be stress-free. Many of us find that we have a little bit of extra time on our hands due to the Greater Sydney Lockdown. That is why now is the time to grab the phone or your laptop and speak to a Cubitt’s Design Consultant about a Granny Flat.

At Cubitt’s, we like to do things individually and personally. Our usual approach is a free site visit to your property to assess your site and speak to you about your unique needs.

But don’t let that stop you from talking to us – feel comfortable to call.

Just because we are in a lockdown, your Cubitt’s consultant will make your discussion no less personal! Utilizing government-approved technology such as NearMaps, MetroMaps, and Council Portals, we will be able to view and assess your property and make an accurate assessment of precisely where you can build. Once this preliminary assessment is done, we can move into a discussion about the design, colours, and finishes and provide you with an affordable price and Tender! It’s all part of the Cubitt’s 8 Step Process

Get Ahead of the Queue

Due to government incentives such as the HomeBuilder Scheme in 2020, along with Australians staying home and spending their precious savings which would previously have been spent on overseas holidays, applications for building projects have increased in New South Wales. Waiting times for Development Application approvals through councils can be put under pressure. That is why is important to plan ahead and get ahead of the queue.

By looking at your property now, drawing up plans with a Cubitt’s Design Consultant, and having your plans approved, you’ll be well ahead of the pack! Likewise, Private Certifiers who ensure that Complying Development (CDC) Approvals can go ahead are in high demand. Cubitt’s will make sure that your place in the approvals queue is secure!

Building Materials Assured

Have you heard a lot about building materials being in high demand? A combination of the housing boom, import shortages, and the Black Summer bushfires have meant that some key building materials such as timber and steel are facing a shortage of supply. By building with a reputable and established builder such as Cubitt’s, you can feel assured that your materials will be delivered just as planned and your construction completed on time and on budget.


How Can a Granny Flat Benefit Me in a Lockdown?

At Cubitt’s, we’re expert listeners, so we’ll always be available to discuss your particular needs for a Granny Flat, here are some of the reasons we have heard a Granny Flat can help in a lockdown:


My Work from Home Space is Driving Me Crazy

Many of us have been working at home for some time now and the impact of this change is showing. Not only are we working from home, but many of us are juggling childcare, online school, and co-working with a spouse or a partner in a confined living area.

How luxurious to be able to step away just a little bit into your own backyard and be able to close the door on your own area for work? A one-bedroom Granny Flat make the perfect solo home office. Even better, a 2 bedroom Granny Flat allows for a separate workspace and study, or a workspace and storage space for those running their own business from home.

The possibilities are endless! If your lot size allows for a Granny Flat, start planning now.  Stay at home rules will likely increase in the years to come.

The even better news is that all Cubitt’s Granny Flats come fully installed with an UniFi Wifi Aerial as standard. What does that mean? It means strong and uninterrupted wifi to your Granny Flat without having to pay for NBN trenches or expensive cabling and IT costs. Our on-staff Home Wifi Installers will visit you at the end of your Granny Flat build to install the UniFi Arial and ensure you are up and running from Day 1.

Work from home is the new normal – make your daily communte to the office as safe as possible with a cost effective and COVID safe Granny Flat or Studio home office.

The Family Bubble

The most recent lockdown in Greater Sydney has really highlighted the need to keep our family safe and close. The circumstances particularly in the southwest Sydney region emphasise that when we feel unsafe, we want to be close to the ones we love. But we don’t want to live in each other’s pockets! It is all about being close and connected, with enough space for independence.

Imagine a family bubble where you would know your kids could pop in to see their grandparents at any time – just across the backyard!

Imagine a space where your adult kids could start their own family without slaving to build a house deposit – living in a Granny Flat is a great affordable steppingstone for them, all whilst staying close to the family unit!


Invest in a Bigger Future

Sure, your hard-earned money being spent on family holidays overseas is not a waste, but right now it is not an option! So why not channel those savings into a project which will benefit the family for years to come.

The memories made by surrounding yourself with close but independent family members in a Granny Flat are just as important as those family holidays and you are increasing your property’s value all at the same time.

And even better, in years to come, if circumstances change, your Granny Flat will provide you with extra rental income.

Even Outside Greater Sydney, the Time for a Granny Flat is now

The COVID situation in Sydney, along with greater ability to work remotely has meant many families have moved to regional NSW.

Cubitt’s build Granny Flats in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, the Blue Mountains, and the Central Coast as well. We build right across Greater Sydney.

But Don’t Forget…

Cubitt’s has a deluxe showroom in Canberra with two full-sized Granny Flats to view and walk through. Our design consultants in the ACT know the precise requirements that ACT Planning requires for a Granny Flat approval

Cubitt’s Newcastle Granny Flat showroom is the place to go in the Hunter Valley for Granny Flats designed specifically for the Hunter, Lake Macquarie, and the Mid North Coast

Granny Flat construction of the highest standards of quality at an affordable price can be trickier as you get further from the metro centres. You can rely on Cubitt’s in more regional areas to maintain top quality Granny Flat construction.


Seize the Moment!

While we wait for the lockdown restrictions to ease, let’s use this time wisely. Speak to a Cubitt’s Design Consultant about the Granny Flat design which will suit your family and help you stay safe, close, and sane!


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Researching and Planning a Granny Flat? Here’s Why The Greater Sydney Lockdown is The Perfect Time!

At Cubitt’s, we get it – Cubitt’s understand your needs. With maximizing your property’s space whilst keeping family close such a hot topic, we wanted to give you a strong outline of why a Granny Flat is the perfect solution to plan for now. Now that we are in a lockdown, there has never been a better time to plan for your Granny Flat.

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