The Benefits of L Shaped Floor Plans – and Five L Shaped Granny Flat Designs for You to Consider

October 23, 2022

An L shaped Granny Flat is a Granny Flat that is flexible in design and can often allow for unique features of a block. Here we explore some of the benefits of choosing an L shape for your Granny Flat Design.


1. L-shape gives privacy

An L shape Granny Flat can shelter the outdoor area from the main dwelling or closer neighbours allowing for peaceful enjoyment of outdoor spaces. The L shape can be used to box off the backyard or courtyard, so the occupants are hidden from view.

2. L-shape zones the house

You can use one side of the L-shape design for bedrooms and the other for living areas, depending on your Granny Flat design. Creating separate physical zones for social vs bedroom spaces also helps with privacy.

3. Indoor-outdoor spaces

An L-shape granny flat design lends itself to a seamless continuity of indoor to outdoor spaces which support the Australian way of life! You can customise your design for sliding doors to decking and truly enjoy your indoor-outdoor space.

4. All windows see the views

Has your property got amazing views? An L shape Granny Flat design could make sure you can see it from every room of the house.

5. Build around things

Got a tree you want to keep? The L shape turns that tree into a features and allows you to build around it. Does the wind come from a particular direction? The L shapes Granny Flat design could protect the home by providing shelter if the right angle pointed into the usual wind direction.


Cubitt's L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs

Here are some L shapes designs in our standard collections. Cubitt’s are customising these designs for the exact requirements of our customers so use these as a starting point and adapt how you like. For a free site assessment get in touch.

Floorplan showing granny flat layout

L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs in our Classic Collection


Bottlebrush I – one bedroom L-shape design

The Bottlebrush I Granny Flat is a tidy 40m2 dwelling with a unique L-shaped floor plan, making it adaptable to a variety of land sizes and shapes. The smart interior design hosts a full-sized built-in robe within the bedroom and practical space for a compact laundry. The Bottlebrush I takes its design cues from the subtle earthy hues of the Australian bush, creating an abode with enduring style.

L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs in our Country Collection


Barrington – one bedroom L-shape design

A little L shape design, the considered internal layout of the Barrington offers a spacious master bedroom with huge built-in wardrobe, private bathroom with separate laundry and features an expansive living and dining area. The cleverly designed kitchen provides ample storage and stylish bench seating perfect for breakfast guests, while the open plan living area integrates seamlessly with the large porch adorning the front of the home. This compact and functional design is the perfect choice for investors or those wishing to add a private retreat to their property for family or themselves.


L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs in our Contemporary Collection


Kingston – one bedroom L-shape design

The Kingston is a striking contemporary design showcasing a modern façade and seamless blend of minimalist and industrial design techniques. The functional floorplan has been cleverly designed to maximise space while still offering generous sized rooms and ample storage.

L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs in our Custom Collection


Abercrombie – three-bedroom L-shape design (remove Bed 1 to make 60m2)

The Abercrombie design offers an extensive layout including 3 generous bedrooms, the master with its own ensuite and private balcony, two bathrooms, and a large open plan kitchen and living area with separate pantry. Enter via a stylish timber porch and enjoy alfresco meals on the second porch framing the large living area. You could remove the master bedroom of this design to reduce the floor area to NSW requirements of 60m2.

Floorplan showing granny flat layout

L-Shaped Granny Flat Designs in our Coastal Collection


Wallarah– one bedroom L-shape design

The Wallarah is a beautiful mid-sized Granny Flat from our Coastal Collection. Luxury and lifestyle were considered at every step of the design process for the Wallarah; from the flooring to the bathroom fittings, great consideration was given to create a soothing seaside sanctuary. This Granny Flat is the perfect accompaniment to homes with a Coastal or Hamptons aesthetic

Customise your own L-Shape Granny Flat Design

Our free Site Assessment could help you sketch out what an L-Shape granny flat design could look like on your property. Knowledge is non-negotiable. Our Design Consultant will measure out your site and help you fully understand the possibilities for your block, and be able to discuss in detail your options for a CDC or Development Application. When you’re planning to build, you want assurance that your site is suitable, and that you are not going to be impacted mid-build by unforeseen or surprise costs. We provide a thorough, free, upfront feasibility study for your Granny Flat which gives you an assured green light to build.

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