How to make the most out of your Granny Flat

April 1, 2022

Looking for an investment, flexible accommodation or a future rental property? Granny Flats are a practical and cost-effective investment that can be designed to suit any use, whether you’re wanting a pool house, teenagers retreat or Airbnb. Being family-owned and operated, our team is committed to designing a space that is completely customised to suit your needs. Here’s how to make the most of yours:

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Sense of Independence

Wanting to create an entirely separate space for a family member in your own backyard? Whether it’s for the teenager wanting their own area or an elderly relative looking to preserve their independence, Cubitt’s has a range of flexible and functional designs that can be tailored to suit your needs.

We understand what it’s like wanting to remain close with family, while still wanting to maintain your and their freedoms. A Granny Flat is the perfect solution to staying connected and independent all at the same time as the combined peace, quiet and privacy with the comforts and proximity of home. There's countless benefits to building a Granny Flat!

Maximising Natural Light

Nothing elevates the feel of a home more than sunshine and an abundance of natural lighting. Glazed double doors and windows, and a North-facing position will harness the natural elements and achieve just that, making the space feel large and homely. A light interior colour scheme will elevate the sense of openness in a space. Consider light walls and neutral flooring if you’re really wanting to maximise the lighting and make your Granny Flat feel like home for any guest.


Designing for the Space

We at Cubitt’s know it’s the little things that really count, we’re all about smart design choices that bring comfort and add functionality to any space. Consider the benefits of adding wall-mounted tapware in bathrooms to save room on the vanity, wall lights to reduce clutter on beside tables, and sliding doors instead of hinged to minimise opening space.

Making life that little bit safer and easier for the elderly relative living in a Granny Flat can be as simple as having lever door handles instead of a round twist handle. Or it could be installing a handrail and non-slip tape to any steps or outdoor areas. Perhaps it’s selecting a slip-resistant flooring like carpet, rather than laminate. Our Cubitt’s Design Consultants are here to make sure all the small things are looked after and your Granny Flat can be customised to suit the needs and purposes of your build.

Everything you need to consider

While the idea of building a Granny Flat can be exciting, it’s important not to rush ahead without doing the research first. Make sure to check in with your local council for building requirements specific to your area, prior to commencing the process as restrictions tend to vary. There may be minimum block size requirements, maximum floor space restrictions, or even guidelines around use of the dwelling. Some states restrict anyone besides immediate family members from residing in a Granny Flat and require utilities such as electricity and water, to be shared with the main house. Don’t forget all electrical and plumbing work must be carried out strictly by licensed tradespeople.

If you’re planning on renting out your Granny Flat, remember to also consider the laws surrounding this. This includes providing a full kitchen with a stove, separate access to the dwelling, and separately connected water, gas and electricity.


At Cubitt’s, we’re passionate about making the entire building process an enjoyable and stress-free experience for our customers. This is why we have a high-calibre team of friendly customer service representatives, design consultants, in-house council planning and approval experts, and a reliable construction team. Get in contact with Cubitt’s today to discuss your next project on 1300 721 150 or

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