Granny Flat: Part Time Investment and Side Hustle – A True Story

July 4, 2023

Looking for a wonderful summer getaway in the picturesque coastal town of Woonoona, Wollongong? Keep an eye out for The Poolhouse, soon to be available on various short-term rental platforms. The Poolhouse is the brainchild of Morgan and Matt, a young couple with two little kids who are locals in the area. Here, we bring you the story so far of this delightful family side hustle in North Wollongong, courtesy of Cubitt's.

Back in 2019, Morgan and Matt considered themselves lucky when they found an affordable property so close to the beach, even though it needed some work. They currently reside in the main house and have plans to stay there for many years to come. However, they were also looking for ways to afford the renovations they have in mind for the main house in future.

Having had experience with a Granny Flat in a previous property, Morgan and Matt were well aware of the flexibility and potential it offered. They saw an opportunity to utilize the space as needed—whether as in-law accommodation, a short-term rental, or even a separate office. The property they purchased had a garage that needed to be demolished, and with their focus on renovating the main property gradually, they realized that replacing the garage with a Granny Flat of similar size could serve as temporary accommodation. This allowed them to avoid the time and financial commitment of signing a lease elsewhere. Additionally, given the popularity of Airbnb rentals in the area and the flat's proximity to the beach, the advantages of having a Granny Flat became even more apparent. It was during the construction of the Granny Flat, right after installing a pool, that the name "The Poolhouse" was born.

Front view of swimming pool with chill out sitting area and vegetation in the background with no people in summer time

To bring their dream to life, Morgan and Matt sought the assistance of Tracey, a Design Consultant at Cubitt's, who helped them customize a Granny Flat perfectly suited to their needs. While opting for a slightly smaller size to replace the garage, the space is turning out functional and cozy. You can follow along with the build progress on their Instagram account.

The journey toward creating The Poolhouse began a year ago when Morgan and Matt initially consulted with Cubitt's. The pool installation and garage demolition were handled by different contractors, and in April 2023, Cubitt's started the building process. As the project nears completion, the couple eagerly awaits the final touches and handover. Once the handover is complete, they plan to deck out the pool area, making it ready for guests just in time for the summer season.

Morgan and Matt's vision for The Poolhouse extends beyond a mere financial investment. As young parents with a growing family, they envision the space evolving over time to serve various purposes. It could transform into a teen retreat or a versatile space for creative endeavours. Their commitment to creating a space that adapts to their family's changing needs is evident in their thoughtful planning and execution.

Throughout their journey, Morgan and Matt have documented their experiences on Instagram, sharing their progress and engaging with their followers. Originally intended to keep friends informed, their Instagram account (@thepoolhouse_woonona) has become a platform to connect with others and receive inquiries for the future.

Reflecting on their experience, Morgan expresses her delight in the communication they have had with Cubitt's staff. Even when unexpected issues arise during construction (as they often do), the Site Supervisor ensures clear and timely updates, keeping her informed about the progress and the on-site team.

The excitement is evident as the handover date approaches, and we can't wait to send photographers to capture the final result of this incredible transformation. The Poolhouse is not just a side hustle—it represents a part-time investment and holds immense potential for Morgan and Matt's long-term aspirations.

We can't wait to send the photographers!

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