Compact Luxury: 5 Reasons Why Granny Flats are the Ideal Downsizing Solution

August 28, 2020

Moving out of a big house and into a smaller space, or ‘downsizing’, is a rapidly growing trend for Australians over 50 years of age. In fact, while just 3 per cent of Australians downsized in the early 2000’s, these days 43 per cent of Australians aged between 50-59 have moved into a smaller dwelling or relocated as they approach retirement, according to a recent survey by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI). In this article, we reveal five key benefits of Granny Flats as an ideal downsizing solution:



Completely Customised to Suit Your Lifestyle

Designing and building a custom Granny Flat is an ideal downsizing option for many Australians. It can be exhausting having to attend apartment or townhouse inspections and auctions for months on end, in the hopes the right dwelling in the right location at the right price will appear. However, when you build a custom Granny Flat with Cubitt’s, it can be completely tailored to your individual tastes, budget, needs and lifestyle. You can work with an experienced designer on your perfect floorplan, colour palette, finishes and even upgrade with brickwork to match your original home.


Luxury Lifestyle Features

The modern Granny Flat has never been more luxurious. Did you know that Cubitt’s offers a suite of luxury features you can add on to your Granny Flat? For example, our Telopea 2 Bedroom Granny Flat in 60m2 with 28m2 includes an alfresco area with outdoor lighting and fans for relaxing on pleasant days. Or, you can add a cathedral ceiling or floor-to-ceiling windows for added spaciousness and light. If you love entertaining, you can add extended decking areas and expanded pantry space in the kitchen. There are optional study nooks and much, much more.



Protect Your Privacy

When buying and moving into an apartment or townhouse, there is always the risk you may have to tolerate loud or undesirable neighbours for who knows how long. Living in such proximity to many others and having to attend strata committee meetings is not suited to everyone. Similarly, sharing walls and sharing amenities can be an uncomfortable experience at times. But with a Granny Flat - there are no adjoining walls, shared areas or crowded neighbours at all! You can enjoy peace and quiet and protect your privacy. And don’t forget Cubitt’s have a complete offer for your Granny Flat’s security Smart Home technology bundles.


A Financially Savvy Investment

Regardless of whether you choose to build a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom Granny Flat on your property, it is an investment that is adding substantial value to your existing property. In fact, building a Granny Flat onto your existing property in Australia can increase the value by an impressive 30 per cent, according to the most recent CoreLogic report. If your property is currently worth around $1M, this means an increase of $300,000 that could be instantly added value to your home. Granny Flats are one of the most astute financial manoeuvres you can make, as it also means you can generate regular passive income from leasing the main residence.

Don’t forget that building a Granny Flat also means you are saving money on conveyancing fees, bank fees, building inspection reports and removalists, not to mention the real estate commission fees to sell your home.



Stay in the Location You Love

Are you looking to downsize, but still want to stay in the suburbs or regional area you love? Building a luxury Granny Flat means there is no need to move into an apartment in more densely populated urban areas. You can stay with the community you are comfortable with and have grown close to.

Are you ready to downsize into the perfect, private space for your future?

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Cubitt’s are one of the most well-known and reputable Granny Flat builders in NSW and the ACT. We offer a stress-free and transparent building approach with our award-winning customer service team, and providing each and every customer with their own dedicated point of contact throughout the entire project duration.

Get in touch with our experienced sales and design consultants to discuss your dream downsizing space, by calling 1300 721 150 or via email at


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