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What you need to know before building a granny flat

Sunday, 28 February 2021

So, you’re wanting to build a granny flat?

These days, who isn’t? Many Australians are choosing to make the most out of their space at home by building a granny flat. Whether it be to keep your loved ones close, extending your own home or you’ll be using it as an investment, it’s always a good idea to build a granny flat.

If you’re reading this now and thinking the idea sounds well and good, but how on earth can I start building a granny flat in my garden? Rest assured, we’ll show you exactly how. We’re here to answer all your questions about how to build a granny flat.

What are the laws, regulations and approvals around building a granny flat in my garden?

Before beginning the process, it’s important to point out certain factors that must be taken into consideration. Each state and territory have their own laws regarding building a secondary dwelling. Things like block size, and dwelling size are all things to think about. Also, it’s worth getting in contact with your local council before starting anything, to understand the regulations specific to your council.

Who can live in my granny flat?

Again, this is something that differs from each state. Currently, the states that have eased their granny flat rental regulations are NSW, WA, NT, ACT and TAS. Homeowners have the opportunity to now earn a rental income by renting out the granny flat they have. Unfortunately, in some other states, this isn’t always the case. Only immediate family or a dependant person can be living in the granny flat.

Do I need a lot of land to build a granny flat?

Australia’s states and territories have different requirements. In NSW, the minimum lot size is 450 square metres and the maximum size of the granny flat is 60 square metres. Your best option is to discuss with your local council and find out

How much will building a granny flat cost?

There is no exact price of a granny flat. This is all dependant on what type and how large you want it to be. Your granny flat may be one bedroom and one storey or it could be a three bedroom that’s two storeys! The price of building a granny flat will vary, and it’s worth contacting us and asking for a quote.

I still have no idea how to build a granny flat. I need help!

We can help you there! Leave it to the experts and let the Cubitt’s team assist you with all the hard stuff. Give us a call today!


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