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What is a granny flat?

Sunday, 28 February 2021

A granny flat is a self-contained housing unit located on the same block as a family home. It is often designed for one or two people to be living inside, and usually is built for aging parents or for adult children who still want to stay close.

They are essentially a home extension that is built on the same land a main home is built on. Granny flats are usually self-contained, meaning they have their own bedroom, kitchen or kitchenette, living area, bathroom and a laundry.

Granny flats are versatile because they can be used for parents, grandparents and children who are becoming adults that want to begin their journey to independence. By having a granny flat, many are able to extend their home, being able to support and comfort their family who are close. Granny flats can be customised to provide special utilities for unique situations and special needs.

Over the years, granny flats have become a popular way to utilise and optimise their space to be used as an investment. People have begun to notice the potential the space they have in their backyard has, and have been transforming it to become and extra source of income as an investment property. However, this only applies to some states.

Each state and territory in Australia have their own rules and regulations surrounding the construction of a granny flat. Things like granny flat size, land condition and council approval are all things to be considered before building a granny flat.

A granny flat can be designed in any way you would like. Sometimes, granny flats are custom-built, transportable or even a flat-pack. However, our main suggestion to our clients would be to make sure it suits the existing home, so the entire property mesh well together.

Our granny flat builders give your complete control in how you would like to design your granny flat. We make sure to create your exact vision for your granny flat in your backyard.


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