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Granny flat interior design ideas

Sunday, 28 February 2021

If you are in the process of building or have already built your granny flat, you must now be thinking about the interior design of the home now too. Building a new space is always exciting, especially if it’s as a home extension.

Often, people have trouble imagining what the space will look like. Interior design can often be a difficult task and many of our clients struggle with this part of the process. Unique designs always look better and feel better as well, and this is why we thought to trigger some inspiration by giving you a few tips to thinking about. Our granny flat interior design ideas will be sure to spark that inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Colour schemes
Planning a colour scheme for such a small space has its benefits! One is choosing one colour scheme and sticking to it. Don’t underestimate the impacts colour has in your space. It actually has a huge factor in your mood on a day-to-day basis. Not only this, but it can affect an individual’s perception of space significantly. Establish a colour scheme of your granny flat by finding inspiration from your personality. Follow the rule of three using a dominant colour and research colours that affect your mental and physical state (trust us, we know!)

Finding the style of your home is one of the first steps in the interior design process of your granny flat. Whether it be contemporary, traditional or even a Hamptons style space, your granny flat should reflect your style through its design. Think about the mood you would want to be in when you get into the space, the décor of your home should reflect this. Whether it be warm, cosy or fresh and modern. Find a balance and incorporate those into your granny flat.

Textures and patterns
Textures and patterns play a HUGE role in the perception of space in your granny flat. Patterns have the ability to bring out a more colourful side of your personality. Although, make sure this doesn’t clash with the colour scheme of your home. The patterns should all be the same colours as the granny flat.

When it comes to texture, think about the use of this in your accessories, furniture and décor. Things like rugs, throws and pillows are all simple ways to add texture to your granny flat.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for granny flat interior design ideas, we’d be more than happy to help you during the most exciting part of the granny flat process.


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