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With society spending more time indoors during COVID, the home has become a haven – so how has this impacted styles and colours? If you’re planning a Granny Flat or home extension project, it may be helpful to pull inspiration from the latest trends. In this article, we analyse 2020’s biggest trends with influencers and popular culture to reveal the latest home colour palettes making a splash in Australia:

Colour Palettes Are Heating Up on The Block

Channel Nine’s The Block delivers some of the most incredible interior designs and colour palettes, and this season is no exception. The challenge for this season is for each couple to decorate according to a different era in time; the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Yet despite the shifts in theme, it’s interesting to note a common thread amongst all contestants in terms of colour selection and tone.

The major colour trend of 2020 is a warmth being injected into palettes. What we saw in the greys of 2019 are now becoming more beige this year, or ‘griege’ as it’s been coined. Warm clays and creamy browns are being featured as dominant colours, the use of wood is increasing, while shades of green are appearing to have more yellow and warmth to them.

Enter The Block’s latest competition here, and you could win $50,000 in cash and Bluescope products! Competition ends 22/11/20. See website for terms and conditions. Watch ‘The Block’ Mon-Thurs 7.30pm & Sun 7pm on Nine, or catch-up on demand at www.9now.com.au


3Birds Neutral 700X430

Neutral Ground with Three Birds Renovations

Launching in 2016, Three Birds Renovations began renovating homes for a profit. Having originally risen to fame for their bright clean whites, wow factor and relaxed Hamptons style, this talented trio of women have recently taken a new direction in terms of colour.

Their 2020 project, ‘Contemporary Cottage: House 12’ is missing their classic white and grey signature colours and has instead embraced warm neutral tones. This trending palette combines earthy browns, faded terracotta and soft coral shades to be lavishly applied throughout the interior and furnishings.

These inviting, soft neutrals and clays are almost dream-like, creating a sense of calm in the space.

Vintage Contemporary3 700X430

Vintage meets Contemporary

Another colour trend rising in Australia in 2020 is blending heritage charm with more contemporary styles. This palette includes the use of tonal blues, rusty reds, deep greens and mustard to elicit a sense of peace, sophistication and nostalgia throughout the home.

This elegant vintage colour trend is evident with a number of major influencers, and some of Australia’s top designers such as Simone Haag, We Are Triibe and Sisalla Interior Design to name a few.

If you have a particular colour palette and style in mind, did you know you can customise your Granny Flat with Cubitt’s? Unlike most builders, Cubitt’s Granny Flats and Home Extensions offers custom Granny Flats which are entirely designed and built to your tastes and lifestyle – it’s your home after all! In consultation with our experienced sales and design consultants, you can choose the perfect colour palette, finishes and design for your project. You can even add personalised luxury features such as cathedral ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, extended alfresco decking and custom joinery, tiling and lighting.

With over 25 years’ experience building Granny Flats and home extensions throughout NSW and the ACT, Cubitt’s has handpicked the best suppliers at affordable rates for our customers – such as COLORBOND® roofing, James Hardie, Weathertex and more!

If you’d like our help with your dream project, call our award-winning team on 1300 721 150.



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Three Birds Renovations Image: https://www.instagram.com/threebirdsrenovations/







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