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Having built Granny Flats throughout NSW and the ACT for over 25 years, Cubitt’s Cubitt’s Granny Flats and Home Improvements has a variety of perfected 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and even 3-bedroom Granny Flat designs to choose from, all with a wide range of inclusions. You can even design a custom Granny Flat to suit your own tastes and lifestyle. But just how does styling work for more compact spaces? We spoke with Amy Frost, Principle Interior Stylist at Valiant Interiors, who shares some key tips and trends on how to style your Granny Flat:

Proportion Space 700X430

“The Telopea 2-bedroom Granny Flat really encapsulates that ‘Hamptons’ style. In the front living room, we’ve set that up with a beautiful sofa on oak legs so it’s a visually light piece, we’ve also got a round coffee table with a glass top so it doesn’t feel like it’s too heavy in the space.

Something we need to be mindful of that our items aren’t too bulky or too heavy, you want to work with the space that you have. Round furnishings and round furniture help to open up the space, and it’s also really easy to navigate. Visually it’s also softer, the round shapes will help create that soft flow and consistency throughout the space.

Choosing furniture that has a little bit of shape or style will just add a bit of interest to the space, such as a carved leg or a curved back – it adds that little bit of flair to the room.”

Stick to a Particular Colour Palette

“It’s always best to stick to a particular palette, especially if you’re going for an Australiana vibe, or a Hamptons vibe, or a modern vibe. Try and stick to that one particular theme or style.

With the Telopea home we started with a Hamptons inspiration palette. The Hamptons look and feel stems from blues, soft rattans and whites. If you’re doing something with blues, you could go from a darker blue to a lighter shade, and it might be nice to tap into the green palette as well. If you’re doing something a little bit more modern, it’s nice to perhaps use black and whites, or greys, and then add a feature colour in.

If you’re unsure of what colours to pick, you can always start with your artwork. If you have a nice floral print you can pull the colours out of that for your cushions, and your accessories. Start with something that’s nice and bright or that you resonate with, and work back from there. Choose something that has a pop of colour and keep the rest of the colours quite neutral.”

Storage is Key

“Try to find pieces that have an area to store things. For example, ottomans that have hinges that lift up so you can use them as storage, or coffee tables that have shelves or side tables. You can always add baskets onto those shelves which act as additional storage. Ensemble bases will often have a drawer on a trolley that they can just pull out from under the bed.”

Mix Old New 700X430

Mix Old & New When Downsizing

“If you’re downsizing, it’s a nice idea to try and mix and match those pieces, new ones with old ones, when you’re coming into a space that is smaller and you need to declutter. For example, perhaps you might have a really nice dining setting, but the table might be too big, you could always get a new table and use the chairs that you had from your old setting. You might only need only two or three of them as oppose to a whole setting. Or say you’ve got a sentimental lamp or a quite ornate lamp, I would replace the shade and keep the base.”


Add Life with Greenery, and Keep it Personal

“Don’t forget to use lots of greenery. An indoor plant is always going to add life and give that lived-in feel. At the end of the day it’s really got to feel like home. You’re going to be living in the space, so it needs to resonate with you. Don’t pick something that you’ve seen in a catalogue because it looks good, it’s not always going to work when you bring that back home. Make sure it’s going to work in your space and that it works for you.”


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