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Granny Flats in ACT

View our extensive range of 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Granny Flats designed to suit building regulations in the Australian Capital Territory

Making the decision to help future-proof your family with a Granny Flat investment is an exciting time. Another equally important decision is who you choose to build your dream Granny Flat design, and it pays to do your research. If you don’t have a background in construction, how can you ensure you will receive not only value-for-money, but also quality craftsmanship and a completed Granny Flat project built to your specific needs?

Here are five key attributes to look for in a Granny Flat builder:

Builders License

1. Builder's License

First and foremost, holding a current Builder’s Licence for the state you live in is essential for any builder you choose – it is a layer of protection for consumers to avoid shonky work. In NSW, a building licence is required by law for any residential building work valued at over $5,000 (inc GST) in labour and materials. By choosing a builder who holds a current builder’s licence, this means that the builder has the ability or capacity to competently supervise the construction of residential building work on site in line with the Building Code of Australia.

Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements holds a Builder’s Licence for both NSW and the ACT:

NSW Builders Licence: 66902C
ACT Builders Licence: 2015586


2.  Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance

Another layer of protection for consumers to avoid losing money to dodgy builders is Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance. This insures the home owner against non-completion of the building contract, poor workmanship, faulty design, and unsuitable or inadequate materials used. The specifics of this insurance differs state-by-state in Australia.

If you live in NSW, any building work over the amount of $20,000 requires Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance. This covers a period of six years after completion of work and up to an amount of $340,000.

If you call the ACT home, any building work over the amount of $12,000 requires Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance. This covers a period of six years after the completion of work and up to an amount of $85,000.

At Cubitt’s, Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance is included as standard with any of our Granny Flat models.

Cost Transparency

3. Transparency

Transparency is vital for any building project, especially one as personal as a Granny Flat being added to your existing property. How will you know what sort of materials are being used for the build? Or what is actually included when you purchase a Granny Flat package?

Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements is passionate about building top-quality Granny Flats and home extensions with full transparency for our customers. We provide all information to ensure confidence and peace of mind on what to expect right from the start of your Granny Flat project journey. At Cubitt’s there are no hidden fees, and no post-contract changes. Plus, every customer receives a dedicated point of contact to continue providing updates and transparency throughout the Granny Flat building process.


4. Longevity

Longevity can only be earned, and is one of the most valuable attributes a builder can have. Nothing beats experience when it comes to sourcing the best quality products from world-class suppliers at affordable prices. Experience is also unrivalled in understanding the complexities of building with various local councils throughout NSW and the ACT.

Cubitt’s have been building Granny Flats and home extensions in NSW and the ACT for over 25 years. We have taken the time to refine the process of designing and building a wide range of 1-bedroom, two-bedroom and even three-bedroom Granny flat models, and have built on all shapes of land small and large, narrow and sloping – we’ve seen it all. Our longevity and experience have also allowed us to identify and handpick the most reliable, thorough and friendly tradesmen in the industry.


5. Willingness to Listen

Whether you are building accommodation for your growing family or as a savvy investment, designing and building a Granny Flat on your home property can be an immensely personal experience.

Unlike most other Granny Flat builders, Cubitt’s offers customised Granny Flat designs which are completely tailored to your individual tastes, needs and lifestyle – such as adding outdoor decking or alfresco areas, adding wheelchair ramps or building in brick to match your existing home. Our award-winning customer service team will listen to your questions and requests so you can enjoy a stress-free experience and receive a Granny Flat built specifically for you.

Avoid the stressful horror stories that shonky builders bring. Find a quality Granny Flat builder to deliver the perfect Granny Flat design for you on time, within budget and with full transparency. Enjoy confidence and peace of mind when you build with Cubitt’s, being the most trusted Granny Flat builder in NSW and the ACT. Call our experienced sales and design consultants on 1300 721 150 or via email at hello@icchi.com.au.

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