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Why Granny Flats are the Preferred Alternative to Aged Care and Nursing Homes

Sunday, 26 April 2020

There is no denying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus) on our society, and it will likely change the way we live for a long time yet. Could Granny Flats be a way to protect our most vulnerable loved ones? In this article, we investigate why building Granny Flats are a preferred alternative to the concerns and high costs associated with aged care and nursing homes.

No-One Knows Your Family Like You Do

It can be especially frustrating having an aged care provider who seems to endlessly rotate staff, and find yourself repeating the same care instructions over again to different nurses or carers. No-one knows the medical history, personal preferences and special needs of your family members like you do.

Keeping your elderly loved one close by means they receive supervision that’s personal, familiar and understanding of their unique requirements. It’s a level of care that only family knows how to provide. One of the fundamental strengths of Granny Flats are that they provide a closeness for your family, so you can keep an eye on fragile relatives yourself, and have peace of mind in the knowledge that they are comfortable, happy and safe with you at all times.

Low Risk Alternative

A family could effectively utilise a Granny Flat to manage an ageing parent, especially during the COVID-19 period. Not only are aged care options increasingly expensive, but overcrowding is a serious issue that the aged care industry has been facing for some time - which suddenly poses greater health risks when social distancing is demanded. This overcrowding dilemma is likely to be even worse in the future, given Australia’s ageing population.

Families can lessen the financial burden by investing in a Granny Flat. Building a Granny Flat on your property may be faster and cheaper than you think, and is a way to boost the value of your existing property by as much as 30 per cent according to the most recent CoreLogic data.

Goldern Years

Witness your elderly relatives enjoy their golden years in a comfortable, brand new Granny Flat that has been specifically designed to suit their needs. One of the traits that makes Cubitt’s unique is our ability to offer completely customised solutions. You can design a single-level, open-plan Granny Flat that has been purpose-built for specific lifestyle needs, such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorframes.

Our award-winning customer service team can work with you to design the perfect Granny Flat. Perhaps your mum enjoys cooking or entertaining? You can add expanded pantry space and extended decking or alfresco areas to any of our Granny Flat models, which already include a full-size kitchen.

A Granny Flat means you can share special moments with your elderly family members, while preserving the personal space you need in your own home for daily life. In a time when social distancing is critical, you could simply pop a chair in your backyard by the Granny Flat patio for a quick cup of coffee and a chat in the sunshine and fresh air.

Garden Studio 2

Establish a future for your vulnerable loved ones in a Granny Flat - a cost-effective way of providing familiarity, comfort, protection and supervision to those who need it, while they maintain a sense of pride and independence.

If you are concerned about space requirements, did you know Granny Flats can be built on as little space as 30m2? Using clever design, Cubitt’s have a comfortable yet compact 1-Bedroom Granny Flat model catered for limited space. Restricted by a narrow or sloping block of land? Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements have been building Granny Flats in Australia for over 25 years, and are the experts on navigating difficult or sloping blocks, on areas big and small, long and narrow. We’ve seen it all!

Cubitt’s are proudly a family owned and operated business, who are passionate about delivering our customers a stress-free experience. We work with some of the best and most reliable tradesmen in the industry, while our experienced council planning and drafting teams understand the complexities of building with councils across NSW and the ACT.

To find out more about how Cubitt’s can design and build the perfect Granny Flat for your needs and tastes, speak with one of our experienced sales and design consultants on 1300 721 150 or via email at hello@icchi.com.au.


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