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Saturday, 28 March 2020

At Cubitt’s, we have been building Granny Flats and home extensions in Australia for over 25 years, and have weathered many storms. The rise of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is temporarily changing the way we operate our everyday lives, and Cubitt’s is taking every precaution to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Scroll down for more details on the additional measures we are taking.

We are passionate about delivering the perfect Granny Flat and home extension project for our customers, so they can experience both the personal and financial benefits of having a Granny Flat on their family property. Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements have the experience, confidence and business stability to continue building and trading during this time.

As the term itself implies, ‘Granny Flats’ have traditionally been viewed as a way to open your home to more of your family, gaining the benefits of living in close range, while also providing much-needed space and privacy for daily life. However, what is lesser-known are the extensive financial advantages that Granny Flats can deliver.

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Bolster the Value of Your Existing Property During Turbulent Times

It may come as no surprise that the addition of a Granny Flat on your land is likely to boost the value of your existing property. After all, it’s increasing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and usable space on the land – along with the appeal of an added revenue stream for future buyers.

What many don’t realise however, is just how much it can increase this value by. The most recent CoreLogic report states that the addition of a Granny Flat can increase the value of an Australian property by a whopping 30 per cent. If your property is worth $1M, that could be an additional $300,000 immediately added to the value of your home. The simplicity of this can mean an appealing investment option for many Australians, and can provide peace of mind given your established knowledge of the location and existing asset. Especially when compared to the degree of risk associated with other forms of investment.

Establish a Passive Income for Greater Peace of Mind

Regardless of your age or financial position, receiving a constant income that doesn’t require any actual work is an ideal way to pay the bills. Why not make the most of your home or investment property by adding another form of passive income? According to the latest CoreLogic data, building a granny flat onto a property in Australia can increase the rental earnings by approximately 27 per cent. Granny Flats are also quite tactful in that you can combat potential periods of vacancy by distributing the tenancy over multiple leases (the main property, and the granny flat).

Additional Measures During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our highest priority, and we are committed to following the new HIA industry principles. This involves (but is not limited to) the following actions:

  1. Private Transport for All Staff. While this is not an HIA requirement, all staff at Cubitt’s are being provided with business vehicles, travelling to work in private rather than taking public transport.
  2. Minimal Staff Numbers per Job Site. We are limiting access to all building sites, only for essential workers involved in activity on the given day.
  3. Maintaining High Levels on Hygiene on Job Sites. We are implementing regular handwashing schedules, regular cleaning and disinfecting of any common areas and shared tools before and after each use, as well as increasing ventilation for building sites.
  4. Social Distancing. Our staff are practicing social distancing at all times on job sites.
  5. Adequate Cleaning Products. We are providing and ensuring staff have adequate cleaning products for all workers onsite.
  6. Facilitating Contactless Deliveries. We are practicing contactless deliveries in our offices, loading docks and job sites.

Cubitt’s are continuing to deliver top-quality family accommodation and investment income projects for our customers with minimum stress, despite the uncertain times. What is certain is that this time will pass, and when it does, a Granny Flat will still be one of the most high-yielding investments a homeowner can have.

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