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In recent years, strong housing price growth and the need for affordable housing has driven a rise in the popularity of Granny Flats across NSW and the ACT.

A Granny Flat is a positive investment, whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or need a separate living space for family members.

As the popularity of Granny Flats grows, so too does the second-hand knowledge that is passed around and around and around.

There is plenty of misinformation circulating about Granny Flats, so we’re here to set the record straight. Here, we give you the flat-out truth about some of the statements you may have heard.

1. “It takes a long time to get approval”

Provided you meet the minimum criteria for a Granny Flat you can get one approved via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) in as little as 10 days from submission to a private certifier.

Is that a long time? Not in our book!

2. “A Granny Flat has to be a certain size”

In NSW a Granny Flat can be built under a Complying Development Certificate to a maximum of 60m2. However, some local councils allow you to build a bigger floorspace under a Development Application.

You can also add on carports and patios which are not included in the 60m2. Most councils in NSW allow an attached garage. As always, though, we  recommend checking with your local council first. 

3. “You have to subdivide your property to build a Granny Flat”

No, you don’t. A Granny Flat is considered to be a secondary dwelling and needs to have a primary dwelling on the same block. If you did subdivide your property, you’d need to build a primary dwelling prior to building a Granny Flat.

4. “You can’t use a Granny Flat as an additional rental property”

In New South Wales you are legally allowed to rent out your Granny Flat. However, in some states such as Victoria and South Australia this is illegal.

Building a Granny Flat for investment purposes is an excellent way to maximise your property’s potential and earn an income.

5. “A Granny Flat is just a cheap, low quality kit home”

In the past, a Granny Flat may have been something cheap and cheerful and there are still many cheaper “kit-style” Granny Flats on the market.

That’s not what we do. We build architecturally designed Granny Flats that are not only stylish but spacious and functional. They’re built onsite just like a small home. We have many beautiful designs that make every square metre count, and we aim to have a design to suit every block. 

The truth

We hope this information is helpful for you to determine if a granny flat is the right choice for you and your family.

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