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Building over a pool

Do you have a pool in your backyard that was put in many years ago and is no longer being used?

If you’d like to turn that wasted space and costly burden into something useful, we have a cash positive backyard solution.

Yes, we’re talking about a Granny Flat.

Create a positive investment in your backyard

Right now, residential pools in NSW are being filled in at a record rate.


Let’s look at the numbers. Maintaining a pool can cost upwards of $3000 each and every year. When a pool starts to age, the additional costs of rejuvenation or rebuilding can be added to that figure.

That’s a significant amount of money, and if you’re not using the pool it can become a frustrating dilemma. If you’re thinking of selling your home, it could also prove to be a deterrent to many home buyers and investors.

We can help

At Ian Cubitt’s we’ve helped many homeowners transform their backyards by building a Granny Flat over what was formerly a pool.

When the job is compete, every single client is amazed to see the potential of the transformed space. This positive investment can create a new financial future for your family.

Our team of design consultants are trained and experienced in drawing up plans for former pool spaces. We take care of all your council approval needs too. All you need to do is sit back and watch the process unfold.

Your questions answered

When thinking about building over a pool, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • If the pool is not being filled in, the footprint of the Granny Flat needs to completely cover the pool. The footprint can be extended using decking if necessary. Safety requirements mean we need to make sure there are no gaps greater than 125mm for a child to fall into the decommissioned pool. Our expert design consultants will step you through the process, ensuring all safety requirements are complied with.


  • The pool must not be capable of holding water. We generally achieve this by cutting holes in the bottom of the pool and, if necessary, pumping out any water that may accumulate at the bottom of the decommissioned pool. Our team can help you find a reputable and affordable contractor for this job.


  • You may be able to take advantage of building over the pool space by locating rainwater tanks underneath the Granny Flat so they are not visible from outside. This will require an access hatch in the deck so the tanks and pump may be serviced. Our design consultants can advise you on this option.


  • Many councils prefer you to completely remove the base of the pool, fill it with soil and extend the concrete piers beyond the fill and into firm natural ground. This method eliminates the risk of anyone falling into the pool and the chance of water building up underneath the Granny Flat.

There are many things to consider when building over a pool, and often the best approach is to have your site assessed.

For an obligation-free assessment, get in contact with your nearest Cubitt's Showroom

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At  Cubitt's we don't take short-cuts. Our experienced team of consultants take the time to not only review any specific needs such as DAs through council at no charge.  We also don't ask for upfront fees.

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