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Cubitt's Client Testimonials

At Cubitt's, we're passionate about the delivery of exceptional service and quality every time we build a Granny Flat or Home Extension. So while we expect our clients to be happy with our service and their special new home, it's fantastic when we receive testimonials. As a family run business it's especially important for us to forward on positive feedback to our team members.

Below is just a small selection of our latest testimonials.

Granny Flat Testimonial -Susan Mattey

"I have recently  come to the end of a five and a half month granny flat build with Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements and it has been nothing short of amazing.  I like to heap praise where I feel it is due and Cubitt’s has earned it in spades (and drills and saws…. excuse the pun).

A friend mentioned years ago there was a new granny flat display at Mayfield in Newcastle, so I went and had a look at them and fell in love with the Banksia model.

Since that first visit I have seen the office at Mayfield grow, so that indicated to me they were doing OK and they were here to stay for the long haul and their business in The Hunter region is growing.  I don’t think Terry believed it when I arrived one day to view the Banksia yet again and announced that this was it, I decided to go ahead!

I cannot praise the office staff, tradesmen and tradeswoman enough for their efforts in keeping me abreast of the proceedings. Even for the five or so months the DA was at Council and it appeared to me nothing was happening, Jye in Cubitt’s Planning Dept sent me an email every Friday, with an update as to the status of the DA as it moved through the various departments at the Council.  After making my momentous decision to build, it felt like nothing was going on, so it was reassuring to receive the emails each week.

When I first met Peter Massland my site manager, he made the comment that he likes to communicate and keep his client informed.  He honoured that statement for the entire six months and true to his word, kept me across everything going on with my project, never missing a beat. He told me that he loves his job and it shows in the professional manner with which he carries it out.

Apart from a major disruption only one hour into the build, when asbestos was found buried where the granny flat was to be built (this was quickly resolved), the whole operation from start to finish has been an unbelievably smooth process, despite the drought breaking rain and COVID-19.

The build has come in on time and on budget (other than the occasional changes I made during the build).  Any changes I wanted to make were discussed with Peter and he patiently explained its feasibility with me and I always felt part of the team, getting the job done.

All tradesmen and tradeswoman arrived on time according to schedules, one team flowing on from another, they were courteous and respectful of myself and my property and were very obliging when I asked them endless questions about the build. If for some reason they were not going to show when scheduled, Peter was on the phone to me explaining the situation.

I cannot sing the praises of Cubitt’s Home Improvements enough.  Each team from carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, kitchen joiner, delivery drivers and the office staff, Jayne on Reception, the Planning Dept, Accounts Dept and Construction Dept have been wonderful and I want to thank them all for making this an amazing, enjoyable experience for me.

All that remains is for me to come to terms with my having accomplished my dream.  Having thought about it long and hard for so many years, it is finally sitting out there neatly tucked into my garden and despite watching it grow for all these months, I can’t believe my dream is actually realised!

If you want to build a top quality granny flat with a great team of builders, I highly commend Cubitt’s to you as a professional company who deliver on their product and their word.

Thank you to all The Cubitt’s Team.  I wish I could name you individually but alas, space does not permit."

Yours very sincerely.  Sue Mattey

Mr Dredge - Home Improvement Testimonial

"I would like to express both mine and Wendy's appreciation for the works undertaken by your Carpentry Team to this point. We have had a few changes in the line up but all of your team have been a pleasure to have on our property.

We would like to make special mention though of 2 of the Team, Mick Robar and Mitch Sey. Having spoken to both of them over the weeks they were on site it was apparent that they hadn't had much contact with the owners in the past.

As I pointed out in my earlier email I have been working from home due to Covid 19 and to this date still am. This has given me the opportunity to watch the build take place. On top of that my Father-in-Law whom the build is for has attended the site every day since the start.

Both Mick and Mitch have  shown great respect toward my Father-in-Law in answering his questions and listening to his yarns all the while still completing the work. He had recently lost his wife in March and yearns for company so the guys taking the time with him has been fantastic.

The other thing that has filled both of us with much joy and appreciation is the way they have taken to our 2 year old GrandDaughter. Wendy looks after Aurora every Tuesday and had her every day of the last week of school holidays just gone.

Aurora normally doesn't take to men outside our family dynamic so to see the way she interacted with both Mick and Mitch only confirmed what great character they both have.

Again we can't speak highly enough of these 2 gentlemen in particular and have mentioned this to Matthew as well.

Thank you for your time."